Stitch Fix Review by Heather – I kept it all!

I was really excited to receive my June shipment. I requested Heather as my stylist once again since I am basically falling in love with her, and changed my note to be more general – a list of inspirations and the guiding phrase “Preppy Bohemian” rather than a wish list of specific items.

The item I was most excited to see in my pretty stack of clothes was the Sanctuary Eamon Utility Vest. I have had various olive cargo vests pinned to my Stitch Fix board for months!


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Stitch Fix Review by Elif: I have a total love for my stylist, and Stitch Fix!

June has become even more fabulous when I ended up receiving two Stitch Fix boxes. My current Stitch Fix #26 brought with it a lot of prettiness. My lovely longtime Stitch Fix stylist once again sent me 5 pieces of clothing that are a gorgeous mix of color, pattern, and variety.

The Tilly Lace Overlay Knit Tank is the kind of clothing piece that makes any look fancy. I like Stitch Fix’s idea of pairing it with simple pants. The quality is nice, and the fabric is substantial. This is a well made piece.



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Stitch Fix Review by Sam: It’s totally a win!

Basically, I normally don’t spend this much on clothes. However, they’re usually not as good of quality and they’re not staple pieces. So, for pieces I can wear over and over again, it’s totally a win, especially since I need to build my work wardrobe like ASAP.

I love love love these pants. They fit amazingly and I’ve been looking for a good pair of white jeans. They’re rolled here. This is how they came in the box. They can be worn as Capris or as pants which is amazing. stitch-fix-review-by-sam

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Stitch Fix Review by Katie: A few tips/things I’ve learned!

Allow yourself to be surprised! Once I stopped getting certain pieces in my head that I couldn’t wait to receive, I started having a LOT more fun with my fixes. It’s fun to be surprised! Don’t go about your fixes as though you are ordering specific items from a catalogue or online shop. That’s not really how it works! ;)

Try everything on! The coral tulip-sleeved blouse below is one example of something I didn’t like when I pulled it out of the box. I loved the color, but didn’t think it would look good on me! I never buy tops like this! I tried it on and LOVED it, though! ;)  And it’s super versatile! Such a happy surprise!


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Stitch Fix Review by Carolyn: This is the perfect service for me!

What I really love is that they also give you an idea of how to style the clothes. You know how sometimes you like a piece but aren’t sure what to wear with it or how to accessorize it? This helps.

I’m seriously in love with this dress. This is so me. I love the color, the print, the fabric and the style. I was so hoping it would fit and it definitely does. This is going to be my go-to dress for the summer. stitch-fix-review-by-carolyn

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Stitch Fix Review by Brittany: I couldn’t wait to order myself a Stitch Fix box!

Now that I’m finally not pregnant or postpartum, I’m ready to fit into some cute clothes again.  Plus, now that I don’t work in an office everyday, I feel like I need a wardrobe makeover to give myself some casual but nice looking pieces.  When I found out I was going to be back in the states, I couldn’t wait to order myself a Stitch Fix box!

I ended up loving everything that came in my box.  Plus I loved the styling ideas.  I felt like I got 15 outfits instead of five. Next, was this great, fun black dress.  I loved the black and white.  I put it on with a black cross-body purse and some black bangles and heels for a flirty date look.

Stitch Fix Review by Brittany

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Stitch Fix Review by Lara: My stylist hit it out of the park again!

I am in love with the pieces from my fifth Fix. They are comfy, versatile, and just adorable. While the lace was beautiful, I just didn’t know if I was going to like it. Then I tried it on. Oh. My. Stars. It’s amazing. Now one of my absolute favorite tops, I wear it with jeans, with skirts, with shorts, and I actually have it on with my super comfy black Liverpool pants from Fix #1 as I’m typing this. Ladies, you simply can’t go wrong with lace.

stitch fix review by Lara

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Stitch Fix Review by Greta: I got my Fix and all of a sudden, everything was lovely

Stitch fix is incredibly convenient… and so fun! The was my 7th Fix and my stylist Hillary sent me some really great items that were flattering and, for the most part, in touch with my personal style.

I have been longing for the perfect cute and eye-catching halter tank in my last couple fixes. My stylist Hillary got it right with this sweet, summery bandana print. Now, the jeans.  I love the jeans.  They have just the right amount of fading, distressing, and bleach spots to make me really happy.  Plus, they are really soft!

stitch fix review by Greta

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Stitch Fix Review by Linda: My first experience!

I’m glad Michael made me try this out. The pieces did take me out of my comfort zone and let me have fun with some color without being over-the-top crazy. Plus, 3 out of the 5 pieces were super kid friendly, meaning they could handle four baby boys climbing all over me during the day.

I loved all the tops they sent. They were flowy and cute, in different patterns and colors that I probably wouldn’t have picked out shopping on my own. I love cardigans and this was a great departure to the classic gray I always seem to go for.


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Stitch Fix Review by Rosie: Colorful Casual Perfection!

This month I got my second box and TOTALLY LOVE IT! The stylist nailed exactly what I was working for. The box was so perfect that I kept the entire Stitch Fix box!

The shirts were all made of great soft fabrics that move and float. Feminine and polished but still casual. (I’d pair these shirts with cropped pants or a skirt for another summer look.)


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