Stitch Fix Review by Allison: The small-town Iowa girl in me is hooked on their level of detail

When it came to picking out a dress to wear to the #ramsingmarriage rehearsal Stitch Fix was the first place I went. This post serves as both a bit of fashionista and me getting to share our rehearsal…somehow it still feels like a dream. I scheduled a fix to arrive in late May which would leave me plenty of time to find a dress if it didn’t work out. Stitch Fix showed up and right when I opened the box I knew it was perfect. My entire box was dresses which was exactly what I had requested. My stylist even saw this pin on my [fashion] Pinterest board and wrote me a special note congratulating me on my marriage. The small-town Iowa girl in me is hooked on their level of detail.


Stitch Fix Review by Allison


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Stitch Fix Review by Erika: It’s a gorgeous color and pattern!

I had a couple of these Moni blouses pinned on my Pinterest board but the print was a surprise. It’s a gorgeous color and pattern, and I typically hate studs but somehow they work on this blouse. It doesn’t really go with the boyfriend jeans I’m wearing in the picture, but I tried it on later with a pencil skirt and liked it even more. I kept going back and forth about keeping this, and I actually had it all ready to return but decided to enlist Stephen’s opinion. He’s always honest when I ask for his opinion on clothes whether he loves something or hates it (he actually told me my top looked like a grandpa sweater last week ha). Anyways, he really, really liked this top so I changed my mind about keeping it, which is good because I think I would have regretted sending it back.


Stitch Fix Review

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Stitch Fix Review by Dusty: I don’t know how Stitch Fix does it!

I really hate shopping so Stitch Fix is a dream come true for this girl.  All five items in my first Fix were things I wouldn’t have picked out for myself if I saw them hanging in a store, but I ended up loving four out of the five!

This top is definitely not something I would have even tried on in the store, but I love it!  It’s loose and flowy, with a subtle white polka dot pattern (love me some polka dots) and smocked detailing across the back, at the front of the shoulders, and on the sleeve.  It’s interesting and just a little bit different.


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Stitch Fix Review by Rachel: I am still loving this service!

I’m getting my Fixes from Stitch Fix every two months now and I am still loving this service.

In this photo, I’m trying the the pants on with a blouse that I got in a previous Fix and my own shoes. I love these pants! They are incredibly comfy and fit me like a glove. They are high waisted but not in a mom-jeans way.



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Stitch Fix Review by Shelly: Once I tried on everything, I liked every piece!

I absolutely love this dress.  The color is beautiful and the dress is so comfortable.  The material is soft, but has a nice stretch to it. I love the tie knot in the front and it’s a dress I can throw on a jacket or cardigan and wear to work.

Overall: At first glance, I was really unsure of this entire box; however, once I tried on everything, I liked every piece.  This is one great thing about Stitch Fix because I never would have picked these items out myself.  This is the third time I’ve had Cindy for my stylist and again, for the third time, she hit the nail on the head.


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Stitch Fix Review by Kristin: Just like the one before it, this one was a winner!

This was my sixth box from Stitch Fix and just like the one before it, this one was a winner.

First out of the box was this black maxi dress. I immediately loved the striped details, the fabric is really heavy and the dress seems well constructed. It’s the perfect length — not too short and not too long — and IT HAS POCKETS. Enough said. It was a keeper.

This is my second box in a row where I kept all five pieces.


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Stitch Fix Review by Maryea: I was so excited to see my next Stitch Fix box waiting for me!

Opening the Fix and seeing what my stylist picked for me has become one of the highlights of my month!

I requested they send me shorts this month (TWO pairs of my shorts got washed with a crayon and were ruined…) and my stylist delivered!  I really needed some shorts and I fell in love with these when I put them on.  They are made of the stretchy-jean material that makes them so comfortable.  They are a nice length and they fit me well. I love white for summer so I know I’ll get tons of wear of out these.  Keep!


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