Stitch Fix Review by A: Round of applause

I, again, didn’t give my stylist any direction because I’m not in need of anything. Sometimes I feel super spunky and just want to be totally surprised by what arrives. As usual, this fix was full of great pieces that are perfect for the season and I found some winners and some almost winners. One thing is for sure, my stylist continues to hit it out of the park for me (thank you, you’re amazing!).

Can we all give my stylist a round of applause for a moment. I thought I was getting spoiled last month when I received a burgundy cargo jacket I had pinned and then this beauty showed up! I have been on the search for a wine-colored bag and pinned this one because the color is just perfect. I knew I was keeping this purse immediately. The quality seems nice. I’ve worn it a few times now and there hasn’t been any rubbing off of color on my jeans or onto the purse. There is a long strap included as well.

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Stitch Fix Review by Maria: Cozy factor of this sweater

Knowing how much I enjoy a warm and cozy sweater, my stylist included the Camy Textured Stripe Trim Pullover from Market & Spruce in my fix.

The cozy factor of this sweater was too good to resist and I immediately decided that I had to add this sweater to my closet. I’m spending a lot of time crawling around on the floor with my kindergarten students. This outfit will let me stay modest and comfortable in my leggings, while also keeping me stylish and professional.

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Stitch Fix Review by Julie: Will last me through the third trimester!

I tend to lean towards pants that are not over the belly for maternity, but my stylist sent these that are and asked me to give them a shot before I wrote them off. I did and I love them. They have the perfect amount of stretch in them without getting baggy throughout the day. The waistband is actually quite comfortable. It’s over the belly but not WAY over the belly if you get what I mean!

This shirt pulled the outfit together and I love how it all looks together. It’s perfectly stretch and comfy and I think it will last me through the third trimester! I think I’ll be wearing this every week to work! They might get sick of this outfit!

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Stitch Fix Review by Erin: I just really love it

I personally only want clothing in my fix so I just always let my stylist know!

This is the most fabulous vest in all of vest land in all of her glory. This baby is perfection. I love the color, the quilted detail, the gold zippers, the thickness [it's warm but not too warm] and well, I just really love it. This was an absolute no brainer for me from the moment I pulled it out of the box. Job well done Stitchy, job well done.

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Stitch Fix Review by Whitney: My closet is feeling ready for fall now

I LOVED this fix. My closet is feeling ready for fall now.

This was my “stylist surprise” skirt and I couldn’t be more surprised by how much I love it. At first I was thinking, “Who needs a burnt orange skirt?” But after trying this on and styling it I started thinking, “Everyone needs a burnt orange skirt.” This skirt is so soft, a little stretchy and it was surprisingly easy to style. My first thought was to pair it with blue because orange and blue are complimentary colors and I think they look amazing together! So I threw on my softest chambray shirt and fringed shoes. I topped the look off with more blue with my bag.

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Stitch Fix Review by Laura: Makes me look put together

Many of my favorite pieces in my current wardrobe are from Stitch Fix. This was my favorite piece from my fix, and the item I kept!  It’s super soft & comfortable, but completely makes me look put together.  I’ve been pairing it mostly with skinny jeans & boat shoes.  The boat neck is a nice subtle touch, but not so wide that bra straps are showing! And I’m completely in love with this shade of purple (lavender?)!

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Stitch Fix Review by Sara: AH-MAZING

Stitch Fix is amazing for those who don’t like to shop/don’t know what type of clothing to choose/want to be more adventurous or update their style.

I don’t have a denim jacket, but I always secretly wanted one. I think what kept me from getting one was the vision of the stiff denim hanging on my body with little drape. Well, this Liverpool denim jacket is AH-MAZING. The denim is a dark wash and very stretchy. It also has a bit of weight to it, so I feel that it hangs on my body nicely. It’s the perfect length and I adore it, and I’m excited to wear it since it matches with pretty much anything.

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Stitch Fix Review by Kristin: Even more versatile than I imagined

My stylist knows that I don’t wear any hemlines above the knee (or not much above it, anyway), I love fun prints, lace, pieces that can transition from work day to date night, and colored pants. She pretty much hit every note just right, as I’ve been wearing all of these pieces in heavy rotation since they arrived at my door.

The pants had been on my wishlist for a while, and are even more versatile than I imagined. I’ve paired them with everything from striped tees to a strappy tank, and I can’t wait to match them up with a chunky sweater, once the weather allows. The shirt I love because it’s light and breezy and the floral print isn’t necessarily season-specific.

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Stitch Fix Review by Jo-Lynne: I love it when everything coordinates!

Stitch Fix is a fun way to try new things, and some of their brands aren’t sold anywhere else, so you’re not going to go to work and see someone wearing the exact same blouse. Everything in my box was for fall, and I was able to create 3 outfits from it. I love it when everything coordinates!

This top is soooo stretchy and soft and comfortable. I like the wide neckline. It’s flattering without being revealing at all. I like having several plain black tops in my wardrobe because they go with so much.

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