Stitch Fix Review by Sarah: Super duper cute

One thing I said in my pre-Fix note to my stylist was that a medium-sized everyday handbag in a dark color would be nice. I haven’t bought myself a new bag in some time so I figured I might as well see if I could get one from Stitch Fix. And my stylist delivered! This Octavia Valencia Mini Structured Satchel was actually the first thing I saw when I tore into my box yesterday, and the style is super duper cute. I absolutely love the color and the style, and bonus—it’s vegan leather!

I love the simplicity of this dress’s style, and the diamond Ikat pattern keeps it from being bland. When the temperature starts to cool down, this dress will look cute with a denim jacket. I’m a big fan of tie-waist dresses because they help create the illusion of curves on me. This 3/4 sleeve dress has a cute pattern and a tie waist, and it will be a great fall piece!

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Stitch Fix Review by Lee: We’ve all got different bodies

We’ve all got different bodies and different pieces look so different on each of us and I feel like Stitch Fix opens up my mind to different kinds of clothing and styles.

Jeans are by far the hardest item of clothing for me to shop for. Why? Because I have a smallerish waste and bigger thighs. This means that I often have to go up in size for my legs, but then it’s too big in the waste band. I’ve found that the best kind of skinny jean for my body type is a mid-rise jegging.  These were AWESOME. I love jeggings because I don’t feel so restricted (I could even do a squat if I wanted :P).

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Stitch Fix Review by Ashley: My favorite Stitch Fix item to date

When I saw the vibrant pattern of this top I immediately told my husband that I hoped it would fit. It is unlike any top tank or blouse that I have in my wardrobe and screams Summer. I have worn it four times already – once with white jeans, once with dark jeans, once with jean shorts and even tucked into a navy pencil skirt for work! The cut and style which includes a slim halter strap as well as a v-neck flatters my shoulders and flat chest while the bottom portion is flowy enough to be comfortable but doesn’t add bulk or size. This is hands down my favorite Stitch Fix item to date!

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Stitch Fix Review By Marcia: Breathed fresh air back into my wardrobe

I sent a slightly detailed not to my stylist stylist pleading for clothes that actually — fit. The phrase “postpartum, party of one” was used because how else do you describe your birthing hips and the current sad rotation of four sundresses?

My stylist (hey girl!), also a mama breathed fresh air back into my wardrobe and brought my self esteem up a few notches in the process.

Let’s begin with low rise jeans, which I had a slight heart attack even entertaining, until I tried them on. One size larger than I usually wear, and a bit high waisted made all the difference. They fit like a glove, and bonus — no muffin top. Praise him.

Sleeveless.  Split Neck. Plaid. Party in the U.S.A. Toes the line for business and play plus light enough to wear in the heat of the summer.

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My stylist (hey girl!)

Stitch Fix Review by Haley: This woman GETS ME

I have a problem: I want to buy EVERYTHING my stylist picks out for me with her brilliant mind-reading wizardy. And so to stick to my budget, deciding which of the five things to keep is TORTURE. She’s just too good, so I requested to keep using her for every fix because this woman GETS ME.

All the heart eye emojis. I have been living in this dress since it arrived just before Fourth of July. Because I’m short, maxis can be tricky but this one is perfection. I usually don’t gravitate toward reds, but I am loving this one.

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Stitch Fix Review by Molly: My favorite pants in the history of life, ever

I requested ALL BOTTOMS! That’s right, I asked my stylist to only send me bottoms. Pants, skirts, joggers, etc. I wanted her to surprise me, but I wanted to try some different bottoms out. I also requested (as per usual), that she send as many Made in the USA and ethical pieces as possible and she sent some realllllllllly good ones.

Okay, I am not even exaggerating when I say these are BY FAR my favorite pants I have ever received in a fix. Ever. Maybe my favorite pants in the history of life, ever. I need them in every color. Now. I mean, seriously.

First, they are ridiculously soft. I mean, I think the material is kitten cuddles and unicorn smiles, or something.

Second, they have pockets.

Third, they are stretchy in all the right ways AND they have an elastic waistband. Thanksgiving pants, anyone?

Fourth, they’re made in the USA!!!! I almost cried I was so excited to see they were ethically made!!!!

Fifth, they’re joggers, so they fit into that whole “athleisure” category… which means it’s basically like wearing pajamas but also looking not like you’re in pajamas.

Keeping these pants was TOTALLY a no brainer.

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Stitch Fix Review by Kim: Keeps things super comfortable

Have I ever mentioned how much I love yellow? It’s such a bright and cheery color that isn’t worn near enough. I spotted this tank on another blog and pinned it to my style Pinterest board, in hopes that my stylist could find it in my size and send it my way. Score!

I love that the looser fit keeps things super comfortable and that back detail is adorbs.

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Stitch Fix Review by Carly: I seriously couldn’t love it anymore

I realized my next Stitch Fix delivery will arrive once school is in session.  Did that change what I’ll be requesting for next month? YUP.  I let my stylist know I wanted casual work separates……and gave some specifics (dolman tops, light blouses that hit at the hip, colored pants, and dresses that are elementary school teacher appropriate).

This dress.  I seriously couldn’t love it anymore.  The print, the cut.  It’s amazingly flattering, and I love the bright colors.  I can wear it now with sandals, and in the fall with booties and a jean jacket.

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Stitch Fix Review by Alicia: A new fix for back to school

I got a new fix for back to school.  Yeah for new clothes, boo for going back to work! :)  This time I asked for some fun, new clothes for teaching and jeans.

I wasn’t too sure about the print of this dress when I first opened my box.  But when I tried it on, I really liked it.  It is very different from the normal black dresses I own.  I had pinned a wrap dress on Pinterest and my stylist did a great job of getting ideas from there.  This dress should be pretty versatile.  I can wear it to work with a cami underneath, to church, or on a date with my hubby!

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Stitch Fix Review by Lauren: A balanced layered look

It’s always a great day when I arrive home to a cute teal box on my porch. I know that within that box five pieces of adorable fashion and jewelry are just waiting for me to try them on.

I’m really starting to feel like my stylist and I are both on the same wavelength. It helps that I give her access to my Pinterest board and that I have opportunities to dialogue with her before each fix is sent.

I have been wanting a cargo vest for a really long time. I have struggled to find one that I love the way I love this one by Market & Spruce. Not only is this one beautiful, but it is longer than most I’ve tried on. I prefer for my vests to be longer than the tops I wear underneath to create a balanced layered look. Also, this vest has a hood which can be removed if desired. The pockets are deep. The waist is feminine. And I cannot wait until fall to wear the heck out of this vest. I love it!!

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