Stitch Fix Review by Greta: I’ve worn it every day since getting it!

If you know me, you know I love Stitch Fix. It is really fun if you like getting a “surprise” shipment of hand-picked for you items in the mail, trying them on in the comfort of your own home with all your own other clothing and accessories, and just using the provided mailer to easily ship back whatever you don’t love.

Does this coat look familiar?  My last Fix contained a very similar one.  The differences are : this one is lighter-weight, a bit more form-fitting, less expensive, and has a removable fur trim for the hood (clearly I removed it for these pics.)  These factors make me really, really like it.  It is also more of a raincoat on the outside, rather than a super-soft and fluffy parka…which I feel can transition into spring.  The lining is a satin leopard print, too — really cute!  Keep!  (I’ve worn it every day since getting it.  Literally living in this coat now.)

Stitch Fix Review by Greta

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Stitch Fix Review by Rebecca: This is obviously a keeper!

My last couple fixes have included some amazing sweaters and was hoping to get more of the same.

The cardigan!  I was unsure of it when I took it from the box, but I loved it the moment I put it on.  I don’t know if my arms are abnormally short or what, but long sleeves are almost always too long for me.  Petite sizes really work better for me.  Anyways, these sleeves are the perfect length.  I have already worn it multiple times (I’m wearing it as a type).  Confession: I’ve even been wearing it over my pajamas when I’m cold at home.  It’s so perfect!  This is obviously a keeper.

Stitch Fix Review by Rebecca

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Stitch Fix Review by Lara: I can’t be the only mom that’s dreamt of this!

Overall, I am thrilled. Checkout was a breeze, and I was able to leave notes on each piece for Tina, my stylist, who also has two young boys and totally nailed the mom makeover looks with fun and fashionable pieces that were also easy to take care of. I can’t wait to see what’s in my next fix! I did leave notes that I’ll be attending Teach Them Diligently homeschool conventions as a TTD blogger and as a Homeschool Launch author and encourager, so there may be a few great travel pieces in the next Fix! I will be sure to keep you posted.

The top and ponte pants are both from my first Fix. These pants (Liverpool Jeans company) are the best pair of pants I have ever owned! They are comfy, dressy, easy to clean, go with everything, and are a good sturdy material. Absolutely awesome and I’d like a pair in every color! (Just kidding, sort of) The tab top shirt is just amazing. It is a hand wash piece, but such a great color (and not one of my usual colors but I really love it!) and fabric and shape that it’s now a staple in my “non-stereotypical homeschool mom” closet. I kept both of these pieces and am so over the moon with them!

Stitch Fix Review by Lara

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Stitch Fix Review by Shannon: I decided to try Stitch Fix as a gift to myself!

I love this service because I am not a shopper.  I like shopping, but I very rarely shop for myself these days.  I’m a busy wife and mother of 4, I spend a lot of time at home and I kind of live in my tee shirts, jeans and fleece sweatshirts.  Before I had children I loved shopping for a few cute pieces here and there, but it’s really been a while since I’ve even thought about my own clothing.

I loved the color and feel of this blouse right away. This was really comfortable and could be worn with a cute pair of jeans to be casual or with dress pants and a jacket to dress it up.  I just LOVE the back, it’s so feminine and deliciate!

Stitch Fix Review by Shannon

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Stitch Fix Review by Monica: Getting me out of my comfort zone!

A few weeks ago, while flipping through a magazine, I read an article about online clothing stylist companies.  I was fairly intrigued because I thought it would be fun to let someone else decide what type of clothing would be right for me.  So I signed up for Stitch Fix by filling in their online questionnaire and scheduled my ‘fix’ for every other month.

I love this top because it has that bohemian, ethnic vibe and I don’t quite gravitate toward busy prints like this when shopping for clothing. I also love that the back of the shirt is longer than the front so if I wanted to wear leggings, my rear end is covered.  I also really like the V cut out in the back.  Never in a million years would I choose a shirt like this, which is why Stitch Fix is a cool company to try as they are getting me out of my comfort zone.

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Stitch Fix Review by Molly: Nothing short of amazing!

My latest Stitch Fix boxes have been nothing short of amazing.I was going through my style cards the other day and I can’t believe how many new outfits I have added to my closet since I started Stitch Fix! It doesn’t get too cold in Southern California, but I still love wearing sweaters and scarfs! For this fix my stylist sent me a couple great layering pieces that are perfect for the cooler weather.

The fourth piece was the Nat Embellished Neckline Blouse. Not only is this top a beautiful color, but it also has some sparkle to it, which of course I love! The details in this top are absolutely amazing. I love how the pleats down the front make this top really stand out. This is not only perfect for school, but also for a night out!

Stitch Fix Review by Molly

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Stitch Fix Review by Paige: Spoiler alert, my stylist rocked it!

Spoiler alert: my stylist rocked it! She actually mentioned a few things I did that really let her know what my style was. Last month there were several items I was really impressed with, and a couple I felt a little meh about. This month, I was consistently pleased all across the board!

Stefan Graphic Knit Cardigan by Skies are Blue: I loved this shawl and the funky, navajo-ish print on it. Plus, here in Colorado in the winter, I can always use more layers. My stylist suggested cinching the waistline with a red or brown belt – I like the sound of it!

Stitch Fix Review by Paige

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Stitch Fix Review by Kelly: Keeping the sweater is a no brainer!

Between the last few Fix’s, I think I got some amazing pieces for the Winter season.

I was glad to see such a nice staple piece in my Fix. This sweater fits perfectly, is a great quality and a piece that I need for Winter. My stylist told me to pair it with my polka dot swing skirt from my October Fix for a wintery look. She also said it would look adorable with my light blue chinos from my November Fix. I LOVE that she remembers what I bought from my previous Fix’s and sends coordinating items. Isn’t that awesome?

Stitch Fix Review by Kelly

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Stitch Fix Review by Elif: I am on my 19th Fix, can you believe it?

In a short summary Stitch Fix is a fun, convenient, personal styling service that sends quality brands, and cute styles of apparel, and accessories to your way which you get to keep for three days, and try on with your existing pieces. If you keep the whole box you get a 25% discount. (which I’ve done a couple of times, I am on my 19th fix, can you believe it? :))

Skies Are Blue Kamaria Patterned Drape Front Cardigan: The moment I saw this cardigan out of my Stitch Fix  I knew it was a keeper. Open cardigans are such great winter pieces. I wear them under my long coats when it’s too cold, rain jackets when it’s rainy, and on their own when the weather is milder. Nothing beats a cuddly, drapy, pretty cardigan on casual days, and this one is a winner.

Stitch Fix Review by Elif

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Stitch Fix Reviews by April: Santa agreed to put this Fix under the tree for me!

I have been with my stylist, Jenny, since my first Stitch Fix.  She has really found me some great pieces and it has been great receiving her styling suggestions and pushing my boundaries.  Each time a box is scheduled, I feel like a kid at Christmas and I get butterflies in my stomach when I go to open my “surprise” box of clothing and accessories.  Adults do not get lots of good surprises and I love that Jenny has been sending me some great ones!

I was a little uncertain about the Pink Martini top and expected to return it when I first tried it on. However, when I tried it on for my husband, he really liked it.  He suggested I try it under my leather jacket from last fix and it looked great. Nick convinced me this shirt should be: KEPT!

I was really excited to get these pants in my Fix!  I requested a pair of pants with leather detail and Jenny delivered!  These fit perfectly and were very comfortable.  I knew instantly that they would be: KEPT!

Stitch Fix Reviews by April

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