Stitch Fix Review by Maria – Stitch Fix has become my favorite way to shop for new clothes!

Like it or not, fall is coming. For me that means a return to the classroom and cool weather ahead. With those changes in mind, I sent a note to my Stitch Fix stylist requesting clothes that are appropriate for me to work as a kindergarten teacher and items that can be easily layered as the temperature drops in the coming months. My work schedule keeps me busy and Stitch Fix has become my favorite way to shop for new clothes!

I had requested pants that I could wear with boots this fall and I was overjoyed to see that Layla had sent a pair of Rizzo Skinny Pants from Liverpool that would be perfect with boots. Oh my word, these pants are amazing. They fit like a heavy pair of leggings that will be warm on cool days. They have a stretchy waistband and fake pockets sewn onto the back so they look a little more professional and business-appropriate. The fit was excellent. I’m not a fan of cold weather, but this outfit will make the transition a lot more fun!

Stitch Fix Review by Maria

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Stitch Fix Review by Blair – My stylist delivered perfectly!

I haven’t had a Stitch Fix nearly all summer.  Time got away from me, and really, it’s fall clothes that I love and once again, my Stitch Fix stylist (hi Alex!!) delivered perfectly!

Y’all, they get me.  And I was so excited to get to try some flare jeans (I’m keeping them).  They fit perfectly and are a great price. This pair from Kut from the Kloth is made exclusively for Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix Review by Blair

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Stitch Fix Review by Alyssa – I was so happy with all that my stylist sent me!

I was really excited to get my box! My birthday was this month, so I told Michelle, my stylist, to surprise me for my birthday. I really like that Michelle reads my blog and that she looks at my Pinterest board.  She also seems to get my style and I like what she sends me.  I was so happy with all that she sent me. I think she did a great job!

I had this pinned to my Pinterest board for awhile and was really excited to see that Michelle had sent it. It is a really cute and comfortable maxi dress and I really love the little lace detail on the top.  I like that this dress can look formal or informal as well and I could even add a cardigan or jean jacket to it.

Stitch Fix Review by Alyssa

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Stitch Fix Review by Alex – My stylist didn’t disappoint!

I was literally SO excited when I received my first Stitch Fix in the mail. I have been debating doing a clothing service for a couple of months now, so when I pulled the trigger and did it, I was so eager to see what my stylist would send me. She didn’t disappoint. My stylist Lindsay did such a good job, and after only one go around!

My stylist recommended these as an outfit. I love the dolman top, and can see myself wearing this a lot as a basic. It is incredibly comfortable and soft, and will look great paired with some skinny jeans.

Stitch Fix Review by Alex

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Stitch Fix Review by Kim – It was a total winner!

I’ve received another Stitch Fix shipment and it was a total winner! I absolutely love the personal touch that the lovely people at Stitch Fix are sure to include with each shipment. I’ve kept everything from the shipments that Tiffany, my stylist, has put together, so I would say she TOTALLY gets me!!

I requested summer tops and possibly a dress for my daughter’s upcoming baby shower. This Geneva Dress is really nice and I like it. It is of high quality material and it can be dressed up. It was a definite for the baby shower but I’m definitely wearing it to my sister’s wedding. This dress will be perfect!

Stitch Fix Review by Kim

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Stitch Fix Review by Joules: This Fix is #23… so I’m kind of a fan!

After last month’s shopping bonanza, I went cold turkey for the month of August. My 30 day drought is over now, which coincides perfectly with my August Stitch Fix delivery!

I recently pinned this exact dress to my “Fix Inspiration” board because I liked the shape and felt like the pattern would work well with tights and a cardigan. When I received it, I found out that the fabric is actually pretty a pretty substantial knit that wears great and won’t wrinkle. There is something magical about the way this dress fits and flares… because I look way thinner than I normally do. I’m in love with how comfortable this dress feels on and I’m so happy that it has a longer length that comes all the way to my knees.

Stitch Fix Review by Joules

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Stitch Fix Review by Karly – I’m officially in LOVE with StitchFix!

You guys … I’m officially in LOVE with StitchFix! I was so impressed with my first box! My stylist really took the time to read my style preferences, and she even noted that she visited my blog to get a better sense of my personal style.

I love, love, LOVE this jacket. I have been looking for a lightweight, military green jacket for quite some time, and this one fit the bill perfectly. It’s longer than your average jacket, and it has a detachable hood. It may be ever-so-slightly big on me, but it will be perfect come fall when I wear it over chunky knits and sweaters.

Stitch Fix Review by Karly

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Stitch Fix Review by Tonie – A little “pick me up” at my door!

Stitch Fix is a SUPER FUN and really easy way to update your wardrobe with a little help from a personal stylist! I have ordered a total of 3 boxes in random months where I wanted a little “pick me up” to arrive at my door!

At first glance out of the box… the jean jacket was not something I thought I would keep… but it ended up being the EXACT opposite. The second I put on the jacket I loved it! It has a bit of stretch to it and I just loved the detail of the embroidery as it’s not something I have seen in just any jean jacket as well as the fit was great! (the part that REALLY sold me was the adorable inside pocket lining and I know.. I know.. you don’t even see that part! But I still am all about cute details!)

Stitch Fix Review by TonieChristine

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Stitch Fix Review by Susan – I’m excited about what will be in next month’s box!

In addition to solving my no-time-to-shop and fashion-rut problems, I finally took the plunge and signed up for Stitch Fix last month because it’s inspiring me to eat well, work out and look my best. Plus it also fits my current budget and money goals.

The first piece I tried on was the Nic Striped Dress. I love the material, the fit, the length and the pattern. I felt like this dress was made for me. It was a keeper! I also love how Stitch Fix provides a style card with suggestions for what to wear with each piece. I used their recommendations and paired the dress with a denim jacket and ankle boots from my closet.


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Stitch Fix Review by Michelle – My Stitch Fix stylist came through!

One of my favorite new things to do before a trip is to schedule my Stitch Fix!  I love having awesome new outfits to wear while I’m exploring someplace new.  It’s especially helpful if I’m going somewhere that has a different climate than Michigan.

My Stitch Fix stylist came through!  My fix included two dresses, a cross body bag, an adorable polka dot skirt and green blouse. Here I am with three of my pieces at the Navy Memorial in Washington DC. I can’t wait for my next fix.


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