These jeans are SO comfortable! – Jen

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These jeans are SO comfortable! They feel like a cross between comfy leggings and jeans. I like that they are on the loose side. One thing I didn’t like is that they are just too long on me. In this photo I cuffed them, but I have since cut them off to be raw hem crops of about the length you see here. I like them so much better that way!

At first I wasn’t even going to try this tee on. I already have a plain gray t-shirt, so why would I need another? Then I lifted the shirt up to look at it and saw…..those….sleeves. They have little slits with a twist on the sides, and I love that it’s not open like a cold shoulder top. Instead, it’s more subtle and classy. Then it’s also got the twist so you don’t need to worry about tucking it in or letting it hang.

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