Stitch Fix Review by Meg: A go-to this fall

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I got my most recent Fix the other day and it has some great, transitional items for the changing season. You still need some light items for the day, but layering pieces and my favorite, darker colors. Let’s get rolling!

It is hard to say what my favorite piece is in this Fix, but this is definitely high on the list. I have been wanting one of these bar neck tops for a while and just never bit the bullet. When things are so present I guess I don’t feel so rushed to grab one because I can get one anywhere. I am really glad I held out for this one. First, Z Supply makes some of the most comfortable tees I have ever worn. I like that it is a little looser and the keyhole isn’t hemmed. I like the unfinished quality about it. It’s a great way to wear a tee but with some style to it. Love it. It’s mine.

I have been eyeing this baby for a bit. I have a beige, heavier weight cardigan just like this. But was in need of another color and something lighter weight for the early part of this season. This is definitely going to be a go-to this fall. My office is so cold all the time so a light weight cardigan is just what the fashion gods ordered.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Meg -

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Stitch Fix Review by Erin: Mom in camouflage

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I always, always try on every piece that I receive. There have been times when I’ve turned up my nose at a piece and then when I tried it on, I loved it. You just never know how it’s going to look once it’s on. And that’s one of the things I like most about Stitch Fix. Sometimes you get something you never would have picked out yourself and you end up loving it.

The camo shirt was a definite keeper. It’s plenty long and super soft. It’s a great casual shirt for weekends and my boys think it’s super cool to see mom in camouflage.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Erin -

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