Stitch Fix Review by Whitney: My stylist can get to know me even better each time

My stylist rocks and saves me from shopping, so I seriously LOVE her. For whatever reason I am okay to shop for my kids, or for my house (my husband needs zero help) BUT when it comes to clothing shopping for myself…UGH. Just Ugh.

So along came Stitch Fix. And like magic. I am sent a box of 5 items that a personal stylist chose for me. I filled out a profile with likes/dislikes/sizes/etc and give feedback after boxes arrive so my stylist can get to know me even better each time. I also request to keep my same stylist, cause like I said, she ROCKS.

This was my favorite piece in the box!  I love the pattern and the colors in it.  It was a perfect match to the shoes and looks great with the white Denim Jacket. I really love it when I have boxes that have some coordinating pieces. I plan on wearing this to Magnolia pending the weather is nice while I am there!

Stitch Fix Reviews by Whitney -

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