Stitch Fix Review by Katie: My favorite complete Fix

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Hands down, this is my favorite complete Fix. I absolutely loved every item, and truly felt like my stylist was channeling Kate Middleton’s style with each and every piece. Another great thing about this particular fix is how many of the items I could pair with each other, making styling an outfit so easy!

There’s nothing more flattering for women than the classic wrap dress. I’m a firm believer every woman should have at least one in her closet. Wrap dresses are effortless and never go out of style, and in my opinion flatter all body types. When my eyes laid upon this beauty I knew it was going to be a keeper right away. Not only is emerald green a beautiful color, but it was absolutely perfect for the holiday season, and the perfect red head color!

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Stitch Fix Review by Lynn: Summer is officially here!

Summer is officially here! My stylist definitely hit the mark this month with summer dresses, shorts, a shirt, and jewelry.

The wrap/faux wrap dress silhouette is one of the most complimentary on my body shape.  The wrap accentuates my small waist, and v-neck detailing balances my proportions.  Not surprisingly, I asked for another wrap dress after my success with my last one.  My stylist delivered with this one.  The knit fabric is lightweight and comfortable.  The pattern is refreshing and a bit different. This will be on repeat for me for the rest of the summer and into fall.

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Stitch Fix Review by Jennifer: Kudos to my stylist for doing her research

I asked for colorful, and my stylist did not disappoint! This month’s Stitch Fix is bright and cheery and summery. As I opened the box, I was delighted to see the bold colors, and I couldn’t wait to tear into that tissue paper.

I think if all I ever received again in my fix is this dress in different patterns, I would be happy.  It is lightweight and works for all seasons (especially here in the south, with all of the AC). It is very packable, which is great for my work travel, and the length is just long enough (though I would actually like it to be a bit longer). This is the exact dress I pinned, pattern and all, so kudos to my stylist for doing her research on me!

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Stitch Fix Review by Xinia: My stylist knew just what would make my day!

I have read some horror stories about first Stitch pics. I anticipated the worst but was still hopeful you know? Oh was I wrong! My stylist knew just what would make my day! Her note to me was fantastic and genuine.

Both the blazer and the dress were picks from my stylist! The dress actually has a wrapping design that helps hide my unwanted tummy! I also have been told I look great in coral, and she delivered without knowing it!

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