Stitch Fix Review by A: Round of applause

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I, again, didn’t give my stylist any direction because I’m not in need of anything. Sometimes I feel super spunky and just want to be totally surprised by what arrives. As usual, this fix was full of great pieces that are perfect for the season and I found some winners and some almost winners. One thing is for sure, my stylist continues to hit it out of the park for me (thank you, you’re amazing!).

Can we all give my stylist a round of applause for a moment. I thought I was getting spoiled last month when I received a burgundy cargo jacket I had pinned and then this beauty showed up! I have been on the search for a wine-colored bag and pinned this one because the color is just perfect. I knew I was keeping this purse immediately. The quality seems nice. I’ve worn it a few times now and there hasn’t been any rubbing off of color on my jeans or onto the purse. There is a long strap included as well.

Stitch Fix Reviews by A -

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