Stitch Fix Review by Maria: Plenty of use from this top well into the summer

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Spring has finally arrived, but I’m not quite ready to pack away all the warm layers yet. Living in Michigan means that the transition into spring is usually cold, slow, and mixed with a few April snow showers in addition to the typical rain shower. My Stitch Fix shipment this month included several pieces in fresh colors and a variety of fabrics to help me gradually transition into warmer temperatures.

The final item included in my April fix for the spring transition was a plaid button down from. I LOVE a good button down shirt and this was such a great one. It was lightweight, a pretty neutral color, cut well to flatter my figure and just generally perfect.

Even though the outfit was casual and relaxed, I still looked and felt put together. This shirt was a definite keeper. I am one of those people who gets a cold just from a chilly summer breeze so I know I will get plenty of use from this top well into the summer.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Maria -

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