Stitch Fix Review by Jessie: I couldn’t pass that up!

It’s time for another detour from Fitness/Running for a quick Stitch Fix review. I had decided to take a break from Stitch Fix for a little while, but then Stitch Fix offered a free styling fee for the holidays. I couldn’t pass that up! So I ordered another box.

The whole collarless thing was a little different, but the blazer was well made and would work with a lot of different items in my closet. Status? Keep.

Stitch Fix Review by Jessie!  Eden Society Cales Collarless Striped Knit Blazer

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Stitch Fix Review by Monica: I immediately loved how everything looked

And now for the moment I’ve been waiting for… going through my new Stitch Fix delivery! I received the order yesterday and immediately loved how everything looked.

These Whitney Faux Leather Sueded Detail Leggings – kept. Loved that they are warmer than my jeans and look nicer.

Stitch Fix Review by Monica! Whitney Faux Leather Sueded Detail Legging

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Stitch Fix Review by Kim: My Personal Stylist Hit It Out Of The Park!

Happy weekend before Christmas! As you can see, I’m a bit behind on my Stitch Fix posts. With the holiday season in full swing, it’s all about the food, but I found a little time so enjoy the goods. And let me tell there are plenty of those… my personal stylist hit it out of the park with my November Fix!

I’m a total sucker for cardigans and I knew right when I pulled this one out of the box it was a keeper. It’s clingier shape is very flattering. It pairs perfectly with blue jeans or nice black pants (like the ones up next). This one was a no-brainer for sure!

Stitch Fix Review by Kim! Laurel Faux Leather Trim Draped Cardigan from RD Style

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Stitch Fix Review by Megan: The Most Festive Of All

My stylist sent me a whole lot of festive in my Stitch Fix! Between the sequins and the cutest pants you ever did see, this Fix had some definite keepers. My stylist was able to use my Pinterest board to create an amazing Fix. She also put together my New Years look which I always dread doing, because I never know what to wear. This is why I love Stitch Fix, because they always find the most perfect outfits for those big events.

I saw these pants on Pinterest and it was love at first sight! When I saw them in my Fix I screamed a bit of joy. My living room instantly become a cat walk and I knew these were a keeper. These pants are perfection, because they are fun enough for a night out or I can wear them for work. I see these going out for a little New Year’s Eve fun!

Stitch Fix Review by Megan! RD Style Georgiana Straight Leg Pant

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Stitch Fix Review by Mary Evelyn – My stylist delivered!

I scheduled a Stitch Fix about a month ago when all this weird Ohio weather was putting me in the mood for Fall. I requested pieces that would transition well into the cooler months. I especially wanted to try a midi skirt, cargo vest, and some tanks for layering. My stylist delivered!

I LOVE when my stylist sends two pieces that can work together as an outfit. It makes me a lot more likely to keep both pieces if they style well together. Honestly, when I first took this skirt out of the box I was like “womp womp.” I don’t usually do girly/lacy/boho and initially the cut made me feel a bit frumpy. THEN I tried it with this tank (I knotted it in the front because tucking it in was blech looking) and that’s when the heavens parted and the fashion angels were singing and a dove with the voice of Tim Gunn flew down and was like “WORK.stitch-fix-review-by-mary-evelyn

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Stitch Fix Review by Allison: The small-town Iowa girl in me is hooked on their level of detail

When it came to picking out a dress to wear to the #ramsingmarriage rehearsal Stitch Fix was the first place I went. This post serves as both a bit of fashionista and me getting to share our rehearsal…somehow it still feels like a dream. I scheduled a fix to arrive in late May which would leave me plenty of time to find a dress if it didn’t work out. Stitch Fix showed up and right when I opened the box I knew it was perfect. My entire box was dresses which was exactly what I had requested. My stylist even saw this pin on my [fashion] Pinterest board and wrote me a special note congratulating me on my marriage. The small-town Iowa girl in me is hooked on their level of detail.


Stitch Fix Review by Allison


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Stitch Fix Review by Kristin: Just like the one before it, this one was a winner!

This was my sixth box from Stitch Fix and just like the one before it, this one was a winner.

First out of the box was this black maxi dress. I immediately loved the striped details, the fabric is really heavy and the dress seems well constructed. It’s the perfect length — not too short and not too long — and IT HAS POCKETS. Enough said. It was a keeper.

This is my second box in a row where I kept all five pieces.


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Stitch Fix Review by Maryea: I was so excited to see my next Stitch Fix box waiting for me!

Opening the Fix and seeing what my stylist picked for me has become one of the highlights of my month!

I requested they send me shorts this month (TWO pairs of my shorts got washed with a crayon and were ruined…) and my stylist delivered!  I really needed some shorts and I fell in love with these when I put them on.  They are made of the stretchy-jean material that makes them so comfortable.  They are a nice length and they fit me well. I love white for summer so I know I’ll get tons of wear of out these.  Keep!


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Stitch Fix Review by Dannie: I think I found myself a new fix!

The key hole top was my favorite piece. My style has always been a little romantic, a little chic and a little bohemian, so when I saw this top it immediately reminded me of my favorite line, Free People. What I loved about this shipment of clothes was how well everything fit. The key hole top was cute and very slimming. Definitely a keeper. They got my body type just right, and everything they send is cut to order. My personal shopper did a great job.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 1.30.23 PM

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Stitch Fix Review by Cassie: I loved everything and seriously wanted to keep it all!

Let me tell you, my stylist Megan did a STELLAR job and really listened to what I asked for. I loved everything and seriously wanted to keep it all.

1. Ellison Tank: I ADORED THIS PIECE. Seriously, I am picky about tanks, and this just fit so perfectly and even came with an undershirt to wear with it. Obsessed. KEPT.
2. Print Pant: Seriously, how well did these go with the tank?! It was a match made in heaven and these pants just screamed Costa Rica beaching. I fell in love. KEPT.


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