Stitch Fix Review by Brandi: Found a bag that fits my style and my needs

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I really liked everything in my third Stitch Fix Maternity box. It was definitely my style and one thing I’ve actually enjoyed is that there is usually one item that is a little outside my comfort zone which I think is fun. I think that my stylist tried her best to meet my requests and kept my sizing issues from my last Fix in mind. Unfortunately, I think that I am pretty difficult to style at the moment given that I am 36 weeks pregnant.

Once again, I was pleased with my Fix and felt that my feedback from my prior Fix was actually heard and noted. Next month I’ll be moving on to postpartum items and I am really excited to see if they can help me feel comfortable with all the extra weight I’ll be carrying. I’m looking forward to some cute nursing tops and since I will soon be at home with a newborn, I think I will really appreciate the convenience of this service even more.  Although the clothes didn’t fit like I had hoped, I’m so glad to have found a bag that fits my style and my needs.

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Stitch Fix Review by Elif: Just the way I love my Stitch Fixes

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In my May Stitch Fix box I received two dresses, a fab pair of strappy heels, a reversible bag, and a cheerful summer top. This month I learned that my Stitch Fix stylist changed and I can say for sure that I love her. For the past two boxes she has chosen colorful, happy pieces for me (just the way I love my Stitch Fixes) and I noticed that she has been sending items that coordinate beautifully together at a great price point. I mean what more can I ask for?

I paired the red and blue sleeveless dress with my wedges, and the same bag from this box this time the fabric side showing.

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Stitch Fix Review by Bernice: A unique vibe

Sometimes the best clothing items are the ones you didn’t know you “needed”, until your Stitch Fix stylist sent it to you and realized its value.

For special occassions I trade my everyday crossbody bag for smaller handheld options that function primarily to hold the essentials (phone, wallet, lip gloss, bag of gummy bears). Although I love the look of a clutch tucked neatly under the arm, I also appreciate a bag that comes with an optional crossbody strap, as this one does. The interior is simple black fabric with pipped cork lining the opening of the pockets. I love that it’s not overly embellished so it goes with anything, but still has a unique vibe with hints of gold sparkle and cork finishing.

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Stitch Fix Review by Bailey: This is life changing for me

In a nutshell, Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that comes right to your door. In another nutshell, it’s pretty much the greatest thing ever. This was my first fix that wasn’t a solid 5 out of 5. The first 3 fixes were all home runs; 5 items sent to me, 5 items kept. And while I did return 2 things in this fix, I think this has been my favorite so far.

Ya’ll. This is my favorite SF item I have received yet. I. Love. This. Bag. It is so lightweight, the color is gorgeous, and it’s big enough for me to throw in some diapers and sippys for the twins. I love that it comes with a smaller bag to put my wallet and essentials in so they don’t drown in the tote. This is life changing for me. Loves.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Bailey -

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