Stitch Fix Review by Elif: A cheerful, happy box of gorgeous spring pieces

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Once again, my Stitch Fix stylist delivered a cheerful, happy box of gorgeous spring pieces. I am impressed that Stitch Fix persuaded me to get flats as I am usually a heels girl. I know I’ll wear this pair all through spring.

My dear Stitch Fix stylist, I love you for making me think out of the box once in a while. I find myself warming up to things that I would not pick up myself, and sometimes magic happens and I even keep those said things. I am usually not a fan of flats (but have some pairs that are exception) but these ones made me a believer in cute ones existing. I am so happy my stylist takes the initiative to send me pieces out of my norm. I can’t be more in love with these gold flats with the most adorable lace-ups. They are so very comfy too.

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