Stitch Fix Review by Shelly: This dress fit me so well!

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Immediately ooohed and ahhhed over this dress!  I will admit I did not think it would work for me. I have never met a wrap dress that I didn’t love; only problem is they rarely love me in return.  This dress fit me so well!  I love the pattern, the fit and the versatility. Dressing it down a little with wedges and a fun clutch works well for a weekend day date or dinner on the patio. By adding a black jacket and some snazzy heels it instantly becomes a professional look I can wear to the office.  Meets my two outfit test perfectly.

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Stitch Fix Review by Katie: I’ve literally used this bag everyday

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This fix also taught me to keep my mind open, like with the skirt, and not to be afraid of color (satchel bag!).

I’ve been dying to find the perfect Satchel bag since some of my cross body bags have seen much better days. I wanted to get a burgundy one, but this color (Teal according to my stylist) is fabulous. It’s the perfect size for me, and there’s still plenty of empty space inside after I’ve added in my usual purse items. I love that you can opt to wear it on your arm, or cross body. The cross body strap is also removable! The satchel has a wonderfully spacious zipper compartment on the outside, a zippered pocket within the main part of the bag, along with an extra pocket. I’ve literally used this bag everyday since my fix arrived, it’s perfect!

Stitch Fix Reviews by Katie -

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Stitch Fix Review by Alicia: A new fix for back to school

I got a new fix for back to school.  Yeah for new clothes, boo for going back to work! :)  This time I asked for some fun, new clothes for teaching and jeans.

I wasn’t too sure about the print of this dress when I first opened my box.  But when I tried it on, I really liked it.  It is very different from the normal black dresses I own.  I had pinned a wrap dress on Pinterest and my stylist did a great job of getting ideas from there.  This dress should be pretty versatile.  I can wear it to work with a cami underneath, to church, or on a date with my hubby!

Stitch Fix Reviews by Alicia -

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