Stitch Fix Review by Whitney: My stylist can get to know me even better each time

My stylist rocks and saves me from shopping, so I seriously LOVE her. For whatever reason I am okay to shop for my kids, or for my house (my husband needs zero help) BUT when it comes to clothing shopping for myself…UGH. Just Ugh.

So along came Stitch Fix. And like magic. I am sent a box of 5 items that a personal stylist chose for me. I filled out a profile with likes/dislikes/sizes/etc and give feedback after boxes arrive so my stylist can get to know me even better each time. I also request to keep my same stylist, cause like I said, she ROCKS.

This was my favorite piece in the box!  I love the pattern and the colors in it.  It was a perfect match to the shoes and looks great with the white Denim Jacket. I really love it when I have boxes that have some coordinating pieces. I plan on wearing this to Magnolia pending the weather is nice while I am there!

Stitch Fix Reviews by Whitney -

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Stitch Fix Review by Lara: My “Summer 2017” shirt

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The jeans are everything I love in a pair of crops. Distressing (but none in spots that are too high up if you know what I mean), great coloring for summer wear, they can be worn longer (ankle length) or cuffed, stretchy for summer lounging, and pockets because I’m a mom and those are a must. 

Let’s discuss my aversion to tropical florals. I love victorian looking florals and the subdues hues they have. It goes well with my INTJ personality. Tropicals are generally too bright for me but since my stylist picked it, I decided to try them. This might be my “Summer 2017” shirt. You know, the one you wear as soon as it comes out of the wash and then wash it as soon as you can get to mount Washmore again? That shirt. So, while I don’t foresee myself running out to get a bunch of wildly colored flowerdy (yes, that’s a word in the South) tops, I do love this one.

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Stitch Fix Review by Anna: I am so impressed by my first Stitch Fix!

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Wow! I am so impressed by my first Stitch Fix! They completely nailed my style, right out of the gate. I absolutely love the dolman top, the necklace, and the skirt, and I really, really like the other two pieces as well. Could this be a grand slam?

Normally I tend to think dolman tops like this one aren’t super flattering on me, but I really like this one for a number of reasons. First, I absolutely love the color. Second, I love the neckline and sleeve length, both of which are flattering. Third, it is a super soft cotton knit, and it’s just the right weight.

This maxi skirt is awesome! Look at all those vibrant colors! I love the pattern, too. This is also a really soft knit material, and it’s super comfortable! It also has the added benefit of being just the right length for me, which is rare.

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Stitch Fix Review by Leanne: My stylist knocked it out of the park and sent me the best fix ever

I’m ready for SPRING! It stays chilly in my area for a few more months, so I asked for pieces I could transition into Spring with. My stylist knocked it out of the park and sent me the best fix ever. I loved everything too much to send anything back! (And no more breakfast burritos / lunches out for the next few months!) I can legitimately see myself wearing everything I got multiple times styled many different ways. This fix was fun, colorful, and full of convenient and useful pieces!

Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have even given this skirt a second glance in a store since I always seem to overlook skirts. Even out of the box, I was a little nervous- it’s not something I would have thought to pick for myself. But…this skirt is quite possibly my favorite item I’ve ever gotten! The length and fit are perfect, and it turns out the faux suede material is right up my alley. I really love the pattern – I love floral patterns, but not the super busy ones, so this muted, beautiful spring pattern is perfect. I’m in love and will be wearing this as much as I can!

Stitch Fix Reviews by Leanne -

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