Stitch Fix Review by Meredith: I’m excited to add this one to my closet!

A few things have happened to my shopping habits since having children – first of all, I rarely shop for myself. Second of all, I hate trying on clothes. Lastly, I’m realizing that while I’m not spending a ton of money on my wardrobe, my clothes don’t last very long. And then I made the realization – I don’t have many items of clothing that I truly LOVE. Enter Stitch Fix.

I was excited to see this cardigan in my box – I don’t own one like this, and it seems like it will be a really cute and practical addition to my wardrobe! It’s not too heavy, so I’ll be able to wear it into spring. The top of the flaps – up near the shoulder – are actually tucked in, so it lays nicely without showing the inside of the fabric, unlike some open flap cardigans I’ve tried on before. I love the thin gray and white stripes, too – neutral enough to go with just about anything, but not boring. I’m excited to add this one to my closet!

Stitch Fix Reviews by Meredith -

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