Stitch Fix Review by Elif: I love the casual chic dress

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In this months box my lovely stylist sent me a dress, a pair of pumps, a pretty shoulder bag, a jacket, and a beautiful top.

All three pieces in this outfit are from Stitch Fix. I love the casual chic dress. It has a great fit, and such a cozy and soft fabric. The perfect pieces to style it with came from nothing else but my September Stitch Fix box. The pumps and the suede feeling shoulder bag complimented the grey and added different textures, and more neutral color to my look.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Elif -

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Stitch Fix Review by Betsy: Basically it is like playing dress up as an adult

I was so excited to get this month’s fix because I was finally getting a pair of shoes in my fix. I feel like I have been waiting ages for this!! Basically it is like playing dress up as an adult…..and it is both fun and addicting!

I was so convinced these shoes were not for me that I wasn’t even going to try them on. But I reluctantly did and turns out….I LOVE them. The shoes add an unexpected pop of color that I think looks great and the shoes are super comfy.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Betsy -

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Stitch Fix Review by Albion: Every piece has made me feel great

With each piece I put on, I started with that sense of dread and ended with a smile. Stitch Fix has always come through for me. My stylists have always acknowledged any notes I’ve left and have tried their hardest to find pieces that I’ve pinned or referenced. I absolutely loved my April Stitch Fix and every piece has made me feel great. It was just what I needed for a solid boost to my self-esteem.

The first thing I did when I opened my box was pull out the Kate Boyfriend Jean from Kut from the Kloth. I’ve had a similar pair in the past and loved them, but they were getting rather worn out. This pair was darker than my older pair and not distressed, plus they were available in petite. I pulled them on and was in love all over again. I instantly felt good. I hadn’t said anything to my stylist about sizing and these were perfect.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Albion -

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