Stitch Fix Review by Lindsey: My rotation of easily put together outfits

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Stitch Fix has been a great way for me to revamp my closet post babies and get clothes in there that actually fit, I feel good in +Ii’ve been able to try on at nap time, in between feedings and over the course of 12 hours.

I had requested my usual stylist and asked for a winter casual fix focused on function + comfort. It’s fah-reezing in Ohio {although we got a warm front with 30 degree weather yesterday!}…and I’m totally digging this monochrome Fix!

I had told my stylist I was on the hunt for a chunky cardigan + boyfriend jeans and she totally delivered! She sent me the coziest oversized cardi…it’s SO warm and while I really don’t buy anything specific for breastfeeding, cardigans are my go to so I’m not having my stomach hang out while I attempt to keep Mills semi-focused. I paired it with a simple white tee, the boyfriend jeans + my fav booties and this is definitely going in my rotation of easily put together outfits. These jeans are SO cute and I just love the casual style of the boyfriend cut!

Stitch Fix Reviews by Lindsey -

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Stitch Fix Review by Chelsea: Stitch Fix is RAD

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I’ve never been an early adopter. I clung to my Blackberry for yeeeearrrs before I switched to an iPhone. So it’s not surprising I’m just now catching on to the fact that Stitch Fix is RAD. You guys!!! Why did I never know this?! First of all, let me just say that this isn’t sponsored — I’m just obsessed. I’ve been struggling lately with clothing because my baby body is fading and I need some new clothes that fit, but we don’t have a ton of great shopping in my area. Someone recommended Stitch Fix and boom problem solved.

So if you don’t know what it is (and you’ve been living under a rock like I have), you can fill out a style profile online, let them know your preferences, and a stylist will put together a bunch of pieces to send to you. You keep and pay for what you want, send the rest back. That’s it. I got my first fix the other day and I kept literally every single piece because my stylist nailed it so hard. I told her I wanted transitional summer-to-fall pieces that looked pulled-together but were still comfortable enough to chase after kids. She majorly delivered.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Chelsea -

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Stitch Fix Review by Maria: SO thankful to have a nursing-friendly top

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For my final maternity fix, my stylist was thinking ahead! She sent me the nursing panel top and now that my little daughter has arrived, I am SO thankful to have a nursing-friendly top. I had been planning to breastfeed all along and when I looked at the clothes in my wardrobe, I became increasingly aware that I don’t own many tops that are convenient for nursing. I was over the moon to see that my stylist included a casual top that doubles as a maternity and a nursing top.

A soft sleeveless top with light neutral colors was just my style. This top served me well while I was still pregnant and, now that I’m a mommy, I love the convenient and discrete side panels for breastfeeding my daughter. She and I are still getting into a groove in that department and it’s nice to not sweat the details of my wardrobe.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Maria -

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Stitch Fix Review by Rosie: What’s not to love?

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I got a new Stitch Fix box yesterday and am still deciding what to keep and what to return, but this dress definitely made the cut! Tummy-hiding, sleeves, neckline stretchy enough to nurse in, and not too long for a shorty like me – what’s not to love?

Stitch Fix Reviews by Rosie -

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Stitch Fix Review by Jess: An all-around winner

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The winner of the box! I love the bright springy floral and the mixed fabric in this top. It’s nursing friendly since I can just lift it up, and it works for both work and weekend. I can layer it easily so I know I’ll wear it all spring and summer and into the fall, and it’s just an all-around winner.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Jess -

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