Stitch Fix Review by Jill: Stitch Fix has helped me find my style!

When I finally opened the enormous plastic tub full of all my maternity clothes after Scott retrieved it from the attic, I turned to him and said, “Yeah… this isn’t going to work. None of this is going to work.” I guess I forgot how really awful 95% of it was.

Now I have a pretty trim selection, but I am enjoying filling it in with pieces I really love. Part of my new maternity wardrobe includes 5 pieces I’ve received from 2 Stitch Fix boxes. I guarantee you I wouldn’t have picked most of these pieces for myself. That’s why I love having a stylist that pushes the envelope for me. Keep in mind that Stitch Fix is a styling service

Over the last couple years, though, Stitch Fix has helped me find my style! I mean, I had no idea I even had one. Now, nearly every single piece in my (very scaled down and minimized) wardrobe is from them. I’m a huge fan, and I’m SO happy their maternity selection seems to be just as awesome.

The final piece I kept from my second box is this navy blue Eight Sixty Gabre Eyelet Knit Maternity Dress. Another super comfy piece that also looks professional when dressed up. I have quite a few work related trips coming up, so this will be in heavy rotation. Once it gets chilly, I can throw some leggings under it.

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Stitch Fix Review by Lauren: Everything a pregnant girl could ever dream of

We’ll start with an outfit that I fell in love with the second I saw it. These bright coral pants almost have a red hue in pictures and make for one of the most comfortable additions to my maternity wardrobe, it may be the stretchy fabric or the fabulous belly band but these were one of my first “official” maternity purchases and totally worth the money.

Paired with a floral top made with the softest fabric ever, this outfit is everything a pregnant girl could ever dream of… and that’s probably why I kept both items. The back features a cute little cut out too, just perfect to keep a hot mama cool on a summer day! I love wearing both of these items together and separate!

I love this outfit so much, in fact, I rocked this ensemble during my tour of the birthing unit at the hospital this week and it was the perfect getup to view the place my daughter will be brought into the world!

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Stitch Fix Review by Heather: I decided to try a maternity “fix”

I used to think I was some sort of freak because I really don’t like to shop for clothes! However, since the inception of Stitch Fix I’ve seen more and more women confess to feeling the same way! I tried Stitch Fix last spring and loved 4 out of my 5 items, 2 of which became my favorite summer wardrobe essentials! Once our precious baby number 4 was on her way, I decided to try a maternity “fix.”

My favorite item was the cream and orange tunic. Since it has 3/4 sleeves, it’s just warm enough for most fall/winter days here in Texas, especially with your own personal oven keeping you toasty. But it also lends itself well to adding cozy layers for the few days it actually does get cold. And it’s nice and long, so it’s perfect for pairing with leggings and boots and being totally comfy while looking cute…or as cute as you can look when you’re all puffy, and have blotchy skin, and waddle when you walk.

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Stitch Fix Review by Karli: Leave it to my stylist at Stitch Fix to find me a pair of maternity jeans that I feel like myself in

I was happy hear a while back that they would be offering maternity sizes now. So I revised my style profile and placed my order. Today my fix came and it may have been one of the best yet! My stylist wrote me a sweet note about the pregnancy and picked some wonderful items.

I asked for pieces that could grow with me as I go through this pregnancy. I also wanted everything to be transitional since we’ll soon be out of winter and into the heat. Leave it to my stylist at Stitch Fix to find me a pair of maternity jeans that I feel like myself in. These are stretchy and a nice dark color, so they are slimming. (You can see the almost-five-month baby bump here). I also really appreciate that the back pockets are in a flattering position.

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Stitch Fix Review by Molly: As usual, my stylist nailed it

I sent my stylist a message and requested that this month’s fix be focused on accessories, fair trade, ethically made products, and made in the USA brands. I also said that I was open to anything that is comfortable or practical this late in pregnancy. And, as usual, my stylist NAILED IT. I also LOVE the personalization that my stylist puts in her notes to me. She really, clearly takes my notes to heart and listens to my feedback and puts a lot of thought into my fixes. I love it.

This was another piece that I was surprised by. I thought I wasn’t going to like / need / want a cardigan, but this one is FABULOUS. It’s a sheerish material, very lightweight, and I love the tabbed sleeves. It’s also really comfortable and I think will be PERFECT for wearing in the hospital after baby is born and especially the next few months postpartum and while nursing.

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