Stitch Fix Review by Meg: Keepin’ it professional

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I was most excited about this item. I am trying to add to my collection of cardigans. Last winter I only had one beige one and although great, does not go with everything.  This is the second cardigan from Stitch Fix that fits like a dream. This is a little thicker and the leather detail on the cuffs is fantastic. I love the edge it adds to this. Plus and olive green? Yes please. Perfect addition to my wardrobe.

I really needed a new bag for work. This one was just right. Definitely big enough to hold everything I need to carry and has a long strap so I can wear it as a crossbody. This one comes with a small bag inside too, so when I go to the store after work I don’t have to carry the whole thing with me. It’s perfect.

Another thing I am working to add to my closet are more professional pants. I really liked the ankle cut of these so I can wear them in all seasons. The zipper pocket is also a more edgy look while keepin’ it professional.


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Stitch Fix Review by Darlene: Carry your wardrobe into the fall

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When I first took this blouse out of the box, I was afraid it would look a bit too old on me, and I am trying to avoid that possibility at all costs!! Haha! But I did love the bright floral pattern so decided to give it a try.

The fabric is a soft chiffon-like material. It buttons up the front with an open V-neckline and roll-tab sleeves. I love the colors and the look. I asked for some shorts with a fuller leg and received these bright blue ones. I really like the fit of these and the soft Tencel fabric.

Buying a blouse like this helps carry your wardrobe into the fall. My first thought was how great it would look with jeans.

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Stitch Fix Review by Katie: The summery look of linen

I loved these shorts right out of the box. The print is bright and cheery and they are super comfortable. The fabric is a linen blend…so you get the summery look of linen, but with fewer wrinkles. My stylist suggested I try them with the gray tee or a chambray shirt.

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Stitch Fix Review by Jessica: This latest Fix definitely pushed me over the edge

My Stitch Fix came a day early and it was just what I needed to pull me out of my post-Disney-World-vacation-funk. And guys, it is so springy. If being in 75 degree weather the last couple weeks didn’t make me long for spring, this latest Fix definitely pushed me over the edge.

I knew that I would love the fit and that they would be super comfortable, because I received a burgundy pair that I have worn all fall and winter and am in love with. My stylist knows that I love them. They look great with a little cuff and my Steve Madden booties, similar booties here. And, they are made in the USA, which makes me love them even more. I feel like I will actually wear these a ton, because of how comfortable they are.

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Stitch Fix Review by Stacie: I get such a rush when I see the box on my doorstep

I can’t believe this is my 19th Stitch Fix Review! The fun is still going strong and I’m definitely not quitting any time soon. I get such a rush when I see the box on my doorstep. Also, some people look at what’s coming once it ships but I never peek. Opening the box is so much more fun that way. I love surprises!

These chinos are super soft and the color is amazing. The floral top paired with them perfectly too! The braided trim on the shirt is a really fun detail.

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