Stitch Fix Review by Anna: I am so impressed by my first Stitch Fix!

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Wow! I am so impressed by my first Stitch Fix! They completely nailed my style, right out of the gate. I absolutely love the dolman top, the necklace, and the skirt, and I really, really like the other two pieces as well. Could this be a grand slam?

Normally I tend to think dolman tops like this one aren’t super flattering on me, but I really like this one for a number of reasons. First, I absolutely love the color. Second, I love the neckline and sleeve length, both of which are flattering. Third, it is a super soft cotton knit, and it’s just the right weight.

This maxi skirt is awesome! Look at all those vibrant colors! I love the pattern, too. This is also a really soft knit material, and it’s super comfortable! It also has the added benefit of being just the right length for me, which is rare.

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Stitch Fix Review by Kim: This top is amazing

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Y’all, this top is amazing.  The fabric is super cozy, the cowl neck is perfect for fall, it has that unique slanted detailing at the bottom, and there are thumb holes.  I repeat: thumb holes.  I basically feel like I’m wearing a running top, while looking stylish.  Win!  I chose a casual style with jeans from a past fix and converse, but I can see myself wearing this with leggings and boots too!

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Stitch Fix Review by Molly: My favorite pants in the history of life, ever

I requested ALL BOTTOMS! That’s right, I asked my stylist to only send me bottoms. Pants, skirts, joggers, etc. I wanted her to surprise me, but I wanted to try some different bottoms out. I also requested (as per usual), that she send as many Made in the USA and ethical pieces as possible and she sent some realllllllllly good ones.

Okay, I am not even exaggerating when I say these are BY FAR my favorite pants I have ever received in a fix. Ever. Maybe my favorite pants in the history of life, ever. I need them in every color. Now. I mean, seriously.

First, they are ridiculously soft. I mean, I think the material is kitten cuddles and unicorn smiles, or something.

Second, they have pockets.

Third, they are stretchy in all the right ways AND they have an elastic waistband. Thanksgiving pants, anyone?

Fourth, they’re made in the USA!!!! I almost cried I was so excited to see they were ethically made!!!!

Fifth, they’re joggers, so they fit into that whole “athleisure” category… which means it’s basically like wearing pajamas but also looking not like you’re in pajamas.

Keeping these pants was TOTALLY a no brainer.

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Stitch Fix Review by Shea: This color is my favorite right now

I knew it would be a bit of a challenge for my stylist, as I haven’t started wearing maternity clothes yet but some of my regular clothes are starting to get a little tight. I appreciated the mix of maternity and non-maternity items that she sent.

I don’t own a lot of tops with dolman sleeves, and at first I wasn’t sure how I felt about them. However, when I put this top on I absolutely loved it. This color is my favorite right now, and I’ve been wanting another solid colored top in a bright color. It’s nice and stretchy, so it will grow with my belly, at least for the first part of my pregnancy.

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