Stitch Fix Review by Desiree: All my wardrobe dreams coming true

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As of late Mother Nature has gotten her act together, cooler temps have been making cameo appearances, and I figured it was time to see if I couldn’t give the wardrobe a little freshening up for this season.

This entire outfit looks like countless outfits I have pinned on my Pinterest board. I wouldn’t be surprised if this exact outfit is pinned several times. THAT VEST! I have been hunting for a vest to love for ages. This one has all my wardrobe dreams coming true. The jeans! I know I’ve said it before, but I have no idea how Stitch Fix manages to find the best jeans. These skinnies fit perfectly and have just the right amount of give to them. These will be on frequent rotation, no doubt.

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Stitch Fix Review by Haley: My favorite outfit right now

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Y’all. I have been trying to find a kimono I love for YEARS. But every time I try one on I look like a 70 year old woman vacationing in Miami. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just not there yet. But I LOVE this one. I wear it at least once a week. Especially with these black shorts or some black leggings. The back is slightly longer than the front which is great when you’re wearing snug leggings and want to make sure there’s good bum coverage. I’m all about leggings as pants, but I’m also all about bum coverage.

YES. So that’s what I wore for my birthday because it’s my favorite outfit right now.

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Stitch Fix Review by Haley: This fits great

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This was a great fix! I didn’t leave any notes for my stylist this month so I was excited to see what she’d pick for me and was pleasantly surprised.

This top is fantastic. The sleeves are a buttery knit and I love the maroon floral print of the main section. The floral material goes all the way around, too, which I especially appreciate over just a front panel. This fits great and is super comfortable. This is also a situation in which I don’t mind/actually like the different material/color sleeves.

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Stitch Fix Review by Nicki: Soo comfy and flattering!

My stylist was spot on with my first Stitch Fix box. She understood my style and even took my note into account of an upcoming wedding and bohemian themed dinner!

The chiffon dress is not in my normal style profile, but I am hosting a bohemian night party that it accompany nicely. Plus, once I put it on, I fell in love…soo comfy and flattering! I paired it with bangles, some chunky earrings that pulled out the colors of the dress and of course wedges!

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Stitch Fix Review by Kristi: I kept them and I’M SO GLAD I DID

One of the best things about Stitch Fix, and a reason to try it at least TWICE is their referral program. When you sign up, you get a referral link. Share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, and if anyone signs up with your link, you get $25 in Stitch Fix credit! The more you share, the more likely people are to sign up, so show them what you got!

I wasn’t really in the market for jeans, okay? This time, my stylist found a pair and sent them, but they’re a lighter wash than I’d had before. I’m so stuck on dark denim for everyday that I wasn’t sure I’d be into them. Then I put them on, and they totally won me over again. This brand is just Kut for the Kristi, apparently, and I’m happy to know it. I kept them and I’M SO GLAD I DID. They’ve become my go-to, and I’m wearing them now.

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Stitch Fix Review by Elizabeth: these shorts were perfection

This fix… like my past couple fixes, I wasn’t 100% sure about. When I opened the box, at first I was excited but then I was a little worried because… pattern. But, they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover (or a fix by it’s… first glance?) so I took the clothes out, looked at my style card, and tried them on. And to my surprise… I liked almost everything!

I LOVED THESE SHORTS. LOVED. And I’ve never said that about any shorts EVER before. (Can you tell that I kept the shorts???) When I put them on, I immediately loved the material. Now while they are denim material, they are a softer denim. I don’t quite know how to explain it, but they were so comfortable. I loved the length, I loved the material, and I loved the slight distressing. I felt that they were so flattering, especially on my (ahem) butt and legs. I don’t even know what else to say, but these shorts were perfection.

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Stitch Fix Review by Albion: Every piece has made me feel great

With each piece I put on, I started with that sense of dread and ended with a smile. Stitch Fix has always come through for me. My stylists have always acknowledged any notes I’ve left and have tried their hardest to find pieces that I’ve pinned or referenced. I absolutely loved my April Stitch Fix and every piece has made me feel great. It was just what I needed for a solid boost to my self-esteem.

The first thing I did when I opened my box was pull out the Kate Boyfriend Jean from Kut from the Kloth. I’ve had a similar pair in the past and loved them, but they were getting rather worn out. This pair was darker than my older pair and not distressed, plus they were available in petite. I pulled them on and was in love all over again. I instantly felt good. I hadn’t said anything to my stylist about sizing and these were perfect.

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Stitch Fix Review by Alyssa: It’s exactly my style…it’s perfect

I still get super excited when I see that box on my doorstep every month. This is my 20th fix which means I have been using the service for nearly 2 years. Lovin this company! Once again, my personal stylist sent me some awesome pieces. I really appreciate how thoughtful she is with the items she selects. She refers to my Pinterest style board, my LinkedIn account, and even my blog for ideas and inspiration. I think we’d definitely be friends in real life!

As soon as I pulled this stripped knit dress out from the box I knew right away I was going to keep it. It’s exactly my style. I love the material – it’s very soft and a bit stretchy. The flat pleats in the front of the dress are very flattering and I really like the high neckline. I especially love the unique horizontal and vertical stripes on the front and down the back. You’ll likely see me wearing this dress all the time. It’s perfect for work or afternoon gatherings.

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Stitch Fix Review by Sarah: I asked my husband if he would be interested in writing my pre-Fix note for me

For my birthday Fix, I wanted to try something different. I asked my husband if he would be interested in writing my pre-Fix note for me, and requesting whatever he wanted. At first he didn’t seem crazy about the idea, but he ended up warming up to it! My husband kept his pre-Fix note as a secret, and I didn’t even peek! My only request was that he would ask my same stylist (because she’s awesome!). My stylist knocked it out of the park with her selections. She took into consideration all of my husband’s requests, and her note shows her attention to detail.

I adore this dress! We don’t have any anniversary plans in the works just yet, but now I think we’re going to have to go somewhere a little fancy. The fabric is so soft and comfortable that it feels like you’re wearing pajamas, and I love the color!

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Stitch Fix Review by Kerry: This top has me craving spring so bad!

Stitch Fix day is always one of my favorite days of the month! This is Fix #22 for me and it did not disappoint. I had my same stylist again and we are in a good groove! She understands my love for Liverpool jeans and fun tops!

This is hands down my favorite Stitch Fix piece in a long time! This top was exclusively designed by Kut From The Kloth for Stitch Fix. I paired it with my favorite Liverpool skinnies from my December Fix and threw on a cardigan for chillier days. This top has me craving spring so bad!

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