Stitch Fix Review by Molly: As usual, my stylist nailed it

I sent my stylist a message and requested that this month’s fix be focused on accessories, fair trade, ethically made products, and made in the USA brands. I also said that I was open to anything that is comfortable or practical this late in pregnancy. And, as usual, my stylist NAILED IT. I also LOVE the personalization that my stylist puts in her notes to me. She really, clearly takes my notes to heart and listens to my feedback and puts a lot of thought into my fixes. I love it.

This was another piece that I was surprised by. I thought I wasn’t going to like / need / want a cardigan, but this one is FABULOUS. It’s a sheerish material, very lightweight, and I love the tabbed sleeves. It’s also really comfortable and I think will be PERFECT for wearing in the hospital after baby is born and especially the next few months postpartum and while nursing.

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