Stitch Fix Review by Katie: One of my favorite winter items

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I have always been a t-shirt and jeans girl, so I actually didn’t own any cardigans or sweaters.  Shocking, I know!  This cardigan is so soft and comfortable that I just had to make it part of my wardrobe.  I have worn it several times now and I absolutely love it.  I like that it dresses up a casual outfit and also looks great with a maxi dress.

It is neutral enough to go with just about everything, and I loved how the collar looks like a scarf.  It is quickly becoming one of my favorite winter items.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Katie -

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Stitch Fix Review by Erin: A perfect winter color

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I had requested from my stylist to send me items for our Denver and Vail trip. As she does in her typical awesome stylist spirit, she delivered on 5 great pieces to wear there and back at home.

Put a cowl neck on anything and I’m sold. Especially on a sweater that is long enough to wear with leggings. Is there really anything else you need in life? Grey is always a perfect winter color as it makes you look a little bit like giant snowflake. A little dirty snowflake but a snowflake none the less.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Erin -

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