Stitch Fix Review by Jill: Stitch Fix has helped me find my style!

When I finally opened the enormous plastic tub full of all my maternity clothes after Scott retrieved it from the attic, I turned to him and said, “Yeah… this isn’t going to work. None of this is going to work.” I guess I forgot how really awful 95% of it was.

Now I have a pretty trim selection, but I am enjoying filling it in with pieces I really love. Part of my new maternity wardrobe includes 5 pieces I’ve received from 2 Stitch Fix boxes. I guarantee you I wouldn’t have picked most of these pieces for myself. That’s why I love having a stylist that pushes the envelope for me. Keep in mind that Stitch Fix is a styling service

Over the last couple years, though, Stitch Fix has helped me find my style! I mean, I had no idea I even had one. Now, nearly every single piece in my (very scaled down and minimized) wardrobe is from them. I’m a huge fan, and I’m SO happy their maternity selection seems to be just as awesome.

The final piece I kept from my second box is this navy blue Eight Sixty Gabre Eyelet Knit Maternity Dress. Another super comfy piece that also looks professional when dressed up. I have quite a few work related trips coming up, so this will be in heavy rotation. Once it gets chilly, I can throw some leggings under it.

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