Stitch Fix Review by Rachel: Fall trend colors in lightweight pieces

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Even though it will stay warm here in the San Diego area for quite some time, I still want to feel like it is Fall and change up my wardrobe as such. For this month’s Fix, I specifically asked my stylist to send me items in Fall trend colors, but to make sure they are light enough to be worn here in our warmer temps.  She did exactly that!

This top is the epitome of what I wanted when I asked my stilyst for fall trend colors in lightweight pieces.  I love the mustard and burgundy and the fun print. The sleeves are slightly longer than my summer tops and while the bottom hem is longer in the back, it does not look weird this time. Even though it is still hot out, I definitely feel like Fall is in the air with this top.

I paired the outfit with the brown booties that also came in this month’s Fix.  Right off the bat I really liked that they had a ruggedness to them.  The darker coloring at the toe and low, stacked heel made me think of riding boots, yet the bootie cut is cute and in line with current trends.

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