Stitch Fix Review by Kim: A fall winner for sure!

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It’s officially fall, yall! FINALLY! I’ve been dying to break out all of my fall gear. Call me basic, but in my opinion comfy sweatshirts, joggers, scarves and boots are just the best!

Denim jackets are my jam! And this olive denim jacket is the perfect layering piece. Great for those days that are a little cool, but not cold. The olive color is also unique enough to make this piece a fall winner for sure!

Stitch Fix Reviews by Kim -

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Stitch Fix Review by Katie: It became a no-brainer!

I am so excited! It’s Spring! So, I decided to celebrate by ordering a Spring Fix from Stitch Fix! I love this form of shopping because it is self-moderating, someone else styles me, I get my husband’s opinion on everything before I buy, I have time to think about the items in comparison to what I already have and in the comfort of my home, and the clothes are very nice!

Stitch Fix has never sent me a pair of pants that I haven’t loved! Their pants are amazing! I loved this tank before I even pulled it out of the box. Not to mention this shade of pink is my color! It’s comfortable, colorful and perfect for my closet! As I wore the jean jacket around and thought about it, as I realized how well it fit me and how soft and comfortable it was, and as I noticed how cute it looked with the capris and pink tank, it became a no-brainer!

Stitch Fix Reviews by Katie -

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