Stitch Fix Review by Andi: These were perfect

At my age and life stage, going shopping with a friend to guide me is near impossible to schedule, and going alone is overwhelming. My problem is too many choices. I’m not good at styling to begin with, so in a store with So! Many! Options! I am paralyzed. I seriously hate shopping. Did I mention that I’m also cheap? Maybe cheap is not a good word, but at the least I’m what you might call budget-obsessed. Last May, I decided to bite the bullet and try Stitch Fix. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t work for me, either because they wouldn’t pick stuff I liked that fit or it would all be too expensive. Now? I LOVE Stitch Fix.

The white skinny jeans felt SO good on. I struggle with jeans that fit because of that martini-olive shape thing. Waist that fits = hips that are baggy; hips that fit = too tight waist. These were perfect with just a bit of stretch. I was pretty sure when I pulled this top out of the box that it was a keeper. The color is absolutely perfect and it can be dressed up or down.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Andi -

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