Stitch Fix Review by Elif: I love it when my stylist creates these “outfits in a box”

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To celebrate this gorgeous month came my Stitch Fix box in the mail all fresh, and full of styling possibilities.

My stylist is now a pro at finding pieces that match what I love but she is also amazing at squeezing in a couple items that make me think outside of my style box. As usual she has put together a great mix for me, and even included pieces that combine beautifully together. I love it when she creates these “outfits in a box”.

All three main pieces of this outfit came in my May Stitch Fix. The bodysuit is a multi-tasking piece of clothing you can use in a million different outfits. I really dislike it when tucked in tops bunch up around the waist and bodysuits are a great answer to this problem. You can style them layered under cardigans, peeking under V necks, or on their own during warm months.

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