Stitch Fix Review by Jen: This dress makes me feel ah-ma-zing

This dress, y’all. I knew it was a keeper the moment I pulled it out of the box. It fits like a glove, in all the right places. The pattern is perfect, the scoop neckline shows off my collar bones and shoulders, while the back is a little lower, showing off my back muscles, again! My girls are not that big, but for some reason, they look nice and perky in this dress. The belt adds a little something extra and breaks up the pattern. Plus, there is a little thigh length thin lining in the dress too. I find that some of the Maxi dresses I try on tend to just lay over your body and show off certain areas that might not need as much attention. The lining this dress is super light and definitely helps the dress hug all the right spots. This dress makes me feel ah-ma-zing. Like, super confident and awesome.

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