Stitch Fix Review By Marcia: Breathed fresh air back into my wardrobe

I sent a slightly detailed not to my stylist stylist pleading for clothes that actually — fit. The phrase “postpartum, party of one” was used because how else do you describe your birthing hips and the current sad rotation of four sundresses?

My stylist (hey girl!), also a mama breathed fresh air back into my wardrobe and brought my self esteem up a few notches in the process.

Let’s begin with low rise jeans, which I had a slight heart attack even entertaining, until I tried them on. One size larger than I usually wear, and a bit high waisted made all the difference. They fit like a glove, and bonus — no muffin top. Praise him.

Sleeveless.  Split Neck. Plaid. Party in the U.S.A. Toes the line for business and play plus light enough to wear in the heat of the summer.

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My stylist (hey girl!)