Stitch Fix Review by Bernice: Stitch Fix has helped expand my style

While I typically favor more simple basics, Stitch Fix has helped expand my style to include a few trendier items. With an 11 month old baby at home, I asked my stylist to send me something that is “mom-friendly” but not “mom-ish”—can be washed easily (i.e., no dry cleaning!), isn’t too low cut or short (I’m constantly bending down to pick things up) but still makes me feel attractive.

I love color blocking because it allows you to combine colors that normally wouldn’t work together (e.g., green/blue, blue/black). This sweater was the first item in my box and I immediately loved it. The material is so soft and the style is so versatile.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Bernice -

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Stitch Fix Review by Elif: I opened this Stitch Fix box and squealed

I think for me, sharing the Stitch Fix excitement with fellow SF fans is one of the most fun parts of getting this personal styling service each month (and sometimes twice a month). It’s lovely to hear what you all think of the pieces I get, and hear about your own recent Stitch Fix experiences.

This jacket!!!! I’ve been pining for it since I first saw it as a part of new Stitch Fix pieces a long time ago. In my notes to the stylist, I kept mentioning colored jackets every single box. Finally I opened this Stitch Fix box and squealed. It’s the MOST stunning faux leather jacket. I can’t get over the pretty color. This is the fourth really cool faux leather jacket I am keeping from Stitch Fix.


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Stitch Fix Review by Carissa: My stylist knocked it out of the park!

After sadly returning everything in fix #16 due to fit issues, I was anxiously awaiting fix #17. Apparently having a senior stylist is the way to go, because my stylist knocked it out of the park!  Fix #17 is a 5/5 with almost everything coming straight off my Pinterest board.

This outfit is 3 items out of the box…  THREE! I love when everything comes together and makes a complete outfit. Pictured here is the RD Style Shanda Open Cardigan ($78), Market & Spruce Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-Sleeve Shirt ($48), and Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean ($88). The Colibri and pull-on jeans have been on my Pinterest forever, and I had an oversized mustard cardigan pinned from another site, so she chose the burgundy one to send and I love it. I mean how cozy does this cardigan look?


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Stitch Fix Review by Karin: I can’t pass it up a second time!

I’m excited to kick off 2016 with a new Stitch Fix box. My stylist continues to do very well and makes sure she pays attention to my requests, Style Profile, Pinterest page and blog. This was a more interesting box than I’ve had in a while, and I liked that. Even though I didn’t purchase some of the more “out there” pieces, it did break me out of my normal style a bit, which is one reason why I subscribe to Stitch Fix.

Well wasn’t this a surprise! Last month I received this sweater and had to send it back because a size small was too big for me. I even checked with customer service to see if a size smaller was available, but there wasn’t. However, my stylist found an extra small and sent it! Even though it’s still just a touch boxy, it fit is much better. I expect a little bit of shrinking, too. I can’t pass it up a second time! This is staying with me.


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Stitch Fix Review by Julia: This top has been my go-to

I love to shop. I’m the type of person who considers it a good day when I come back from a shopping trip heavy with bags and having found just the right thing. A good shopping trip can completely turn my mood around. Except when I’m pregnant. I hate shopping when I’m pregnant. I got my Maternity Stitch Fix at the end of my first trimester, I figured it was a good reward for getting through the first 13 weeks.

This top has been my go-to for when I want to feel a bit more dressed up and professional. I’ve worn it to a few work events and out to dinner with the hubs. I loved how early on it was great at hiding my bump. Now the fit is a bit more snug. I wore it about 2 weeks ago and it still looked great. I’m so glad I kept this.

Stitch Fix Review by Julia! 41hawthorn – Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse

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Stitch Fix Review by Elizabeth: This sweater and the scarf were MUST KEEPS

I had my most recent Stitch Fix delivered just before the holiday! I wanted it to be able to cuddle up in some new scarves and sweaters and have clothes to wear to all the holiday festivities! I opened my box and it was packed with so many goodies – let me tell you, it is mega nice to have a stylist picking things out for you! I didn’t keep everything in the box because I wasn’t in love with it all, but this sweater and the scarf were MUST KEEPS. They have already come in super handy to keep me warm on these chilly days!

This outfit was perfect for walking around town and sipping on hot coffee!

Stitch Fix Review by Elizabeth! Maureen Twisted Seam Elbow Patch Sweater and Alpine Plaid Wrap Scarf

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Stitch Fix Review by Lauren: Literally Femininity In Dress Form

It’s fix number four and I’m still just as in love with Stitch Fix as I was the first time we met. I mean what’s not to love about a service that provides you with a stylist that personalizes a “fix” just for you!

Let’s start off my fix with this fancy little number! This gorgeous little pink and black polka dotted frock is literally femininity in dress form – so my stylist was right on the money to include it in my fix.

Stitch Fix Review by Lauren!

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Stitch Fix Review by Meghann: One Magical Top

After testing the waters with Stitch Fix maternity this past Spring, I decided to temporarily stop receiving fixes when I entered my third trimester. However, with my maternity leave coming to an end – and half my wardrobe still no longer fitting – I decided to re-start my fixes and see what they would send.

I loved this top as soon as I pulled it out and loved it even more when I put it on. It’s the perfect cut for a breastfeeding mom who is still working on losing her baby weight. The cut at the top brings the attention to my shoulder bones (currently my favorite feature) and the loose, flowy bottom doesn’t cling and covers up the areas I’m still working on. I received the top a week ago and have already worn it 4 times to 4 different events. It’s my new favorite top!

Stitch Fix Review by Meghann! 41Hawthorn Moni Geo Print & Camisole Blouse

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Stitch Fix Review by Karin: This is SO my style

Didn’t November just fly by? I can’t believe Christmas is around the corner and I have another Stitch Fix box to review already! I don’t know about you, but I love posting these reviews and I love seeing what others have received as well. It’s so much fun and it really helps me consider pieces of clothing I never would have tried on in a store.

Not gonna lie, I kinda squealed when I saw this in my box. It’s almost exactly like a striped, elbow patch cardigan that I pinned! This cardigan, though a bit long, is really soft and cozy. I adore wide stripes and I love the suede elbow patches. I’m sure I’ll be wearing this all of the time paired with my gray boots! It’s definitely a keeper! This is SO my style.

Stitch Fix Review by Karin! Honey Punch — Layla Elbow Patch Detail Cardigan

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Stitch Fix Review by Brittany: I Was Delightfully Surprised

Its time for another fabulous Stitch Fix!  It’s my favorite time of the month.  This month I actually missed the deadline to leave a note for my stylist and was completely freaking out about what would show up in this fix.  I was delightfully surprised with [my stylist’s] choices for me and I even ended up keeping all 5 items for the first time.  It was a huge success and I’m even considering letting her completely take the reins next month too.  Lesson learned I need to trust in her expertise for my styling : )

This is the perfect basic sweater to add to my wardrobe.  The fit is just perfect and its oversized and cozy.  I love how its also longer so I can wear it with leggings or a cute vest.  So many possibilities with this piece!

Stitch Fix Review by Brittany! RD Style Rowca Scoop Neck Pull Over Sweater

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