Stitch Fix Reviews by Anette: This months is a complete keeper!

It’s that time again. Stitch Fix Time! And this months is a complete keeper. In my notes to my stylist, I relayed that my book signing in Alabama went well, and I utilized several of the pieces from past fixes. Everything fit well and was perfectly my style since I use Pinterest as a style board and post pieces I admire and would actually wear.

Oh heavens, this one is a beauty. I love natural fibers like silk, cotton, wool, and lord yes, cashmere. You can mark that box on your profile you know? I’ve paired it with the jeans my stylist sent. Let me tell they are so soft and fit perfectly. I asked for a pair to wear with boots and my stylist delivered. I love them.

Stitch Fix Review by Anette: Silk blouse and skinny jeans

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