Stitch Fix Review by Whitney: Sends me things I would not pick out for myself

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I asked my stylist for black or grey pants, and mentioned my favorite color to wear is evergreen. When I read the note from my stylist I was glad to see it was my old stylist who styled me! I was so excited to see the pieces he had picked for me.

This jacket is not in my comfort zone and I love when my stylist sends me things I would not pick out for myself. This jacket is so soft and very comfortable. It was pretty cold when we were taking these pictures and I did not feel cold in this. It is definitely not a winter coat, and I am guessing not rain friendly, which is not good for Willamette Valley winters. I think this is the perfect jacket to wear if you are going out or for a special occasion/date night. I liked it styled with my distressed jeans best. While I liked this jacket more than I thought I would, it was not flattering from the back or across my broad shoulders.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Whitney -

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