Stitch Fix Review by Whitney: My decision would not be that easy

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I updated my Style Profile (the questionnaire you fill out when you create your profile) to include black, red, pink, purple, white, and navy apparel items. I love changing up my profile for every Fix to give my stylist a more focused idea of what I want to get in my box. I also upped my price points a little (also in my Style Profile) because Stitch Fix now offers luxe brands like Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff, Equipment, Theory, Michael Starrs, Free People, Paige and many more premium brands.

When I pulled these out of the box I was not so sure that I was going to like them. The wide white waistband really threw me off. When I put them on it was immediately clear that my decision would not be that easy. They are so soft and the material is not too thin. I love the hem at the ankle and the wide waist band really helps them feel like they will stay up. I decided to style them with a dressy edge by adding a blazer over a fuchsia t-shirt and throwing on my black heels. I am undecided on these pants. Should I keep them?

Stitch Fix Reviews by Whitney -

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7 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Review by Whitney: My decision would not be that easy

  1. I think they look too much like athletic pants with the side stripe. They look great on you, as far as fit & being very flattering. I just do not think it goes well with the other pieces.

  2. Keep them. They are fun, look great and you’ve dressed them up so you can wear them just about anywhere. (depending on your work culture).

  3. I’ll tell you what. In addition to what the other ladies are saying, those pants are in style down here in Nashville. I drive through downtown at times and see ladies with pants like that with lace trim and unique touches. They would look good with a white Converse or a Sketchers GoWalk shoe as well…if you like that type of idea.

  4. You look very stylish and put together. Coordinating with those pants is just unusual enough to be interesting; you’re definitely pulling it off

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