Stitch Fix Review By Traci: Isn’t it adorable?!

So, I got my Stitch Fix box this past week, and I loved a few of the things that I got!  My favorite were these gray Danny Knit Pants!  They are super comfy, and I loved the length too.  If I wanted to roll them up and create a cute cuff, I could.

My next favorite was this beautiful blue purse!  I was wanting something bright and “Springy” feeling, and this purse definitely fit the bill. his purse is called the Rex Hardware Detail Crossbody Hobo Bag.  Isn’t it adorable?! And of course, it couldn’t have come at a better time!  It’s March Madness, and if you live in Kentucky, you better be wearing Kentucky Blue on you somewhere!  GO CATS!!! I LOVE getting my surprise Stitch Fix box each month.  I love being able to tell my stylist what I am looking for in my next fix too!


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