Stitch Fix Review By Tabitha: Perfect For Springtime!

This month, I told Heather, my awesome stylist, to send me some things I could use for my Alaskan cruise in July. I wanted to start stocking up and wasn’t really finding anything in my closet already that I felt was Alaska-worthy. She did not disappoint!

After a depressing week of my jeans not fitting and coming to terms with the fact that the newlywed 15 is a real thing (even if I am only at 9), I decided I needed to buy some pricey jeans that fit and looked better. I was so glad Heather sent me some skinny jeans! The price was what I expected, even if I’ve never paid more than $20 on jeans before now. My favorite part about these is that the fabric was stretchy. I could fit into it easily and knew I would be able to whether I gained or lost some weight. These jeans looked great with a crop top or with a flowy, butt-covering number. And they’re dark so I can wear them to work!


To sum it up, I bought the whole box, and it was so worth it. Yay! I love love love Stitch Fix, and I’m really glad that I started ordering.

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