Stitch Fix Review by Susan: Disney Style!

Today, I wanted to share with you how I styled these items for our spring break trip. When I pack for a vacation, I aks myself three questions while I pack each piece. 1. Is is packable (not easily wrinkled). Because who wants to iron on vacation?! 2. Is is wearable? Is this piece comfy and appropriate for the weather? 3. Is it versatile? Can I style this piece more than one way?

If I can answer “YES” to all three questions, the item can stay in my suitcase!

My very favorite piece I received in my spring Fix was this maxi. I wore it as a beach cover up, a casual skirt with a tee, and as a dress! Three outfits! It was the perfect vacation piece! I am asking for a maxi dress in my summer Fix!


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