Stitch Fix Review by Stephanie – My stylist totally nailed my style!

I obviously really liked this service. I think it’s absolutely genius. My stylist Emily totally nailed my style. I really love that your stylist can see what you post on Pinterest and send you the exact or similar items.

When I first pulled these out of the box, my first thought was “I don’t need another pair of skinny jeans and I have a sweater similar to this.” My mind quickly changed when I put them both on. The jeans feel like butter. Imagine a pair of jeans made with sunshine, rainbows, and unicorn tears and then molded to fit your body perfectly. I fell in love with the cardigan as soon as I put it on. It’s pretty thin which will be great in early fall, but also nice for layering this winter. I love the detail on the sleeves and the length is long enough that I could wear it with leggings and boots!

Stitch Fix Review by Stephanie

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