Stitch Fix Review by Stacie: I spy elephants!

My Stitch Fix box arrived on my doorstep FOUR days early! That pretty much never happens and I’m still stunned by my good fortune. Who said 13 was unlucky? Certainly it wasn’t for me (spoiler: I kept it all)! Plus, fix 13 hit that sweet spot where I have enough items to create multiple cute outfits by mixing and matching across my fixes. Ahhhh, I’m so obsessed. Look at the colors! Plus, I spy elephants!

YOU GUYS!!! Literally EVERYONE wants this blouse. I couldn’t believe it was in my box. I pinned it a while ago, although I hadn’t been holding my breath since it’s so popular. But now here I am sporting elephants! This blouse is just as much fun as everyone says!

Stitch Fix Review by Stacie! Ellie Printed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse

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