Stitch Fix Review By Renee: Broadens My Limited Fashion Horizons!

Bring on Spring with my March Stitch Fix! For this fix, I specifically asked for tees and tanks that reflect the lightness and warmth of Spring. Living in Northern California, a t-shirt and jeans is what I’m wearing 85% of the time, even in the winter months, so its only fitting to make sure I have plenty warm-weather tops on hand. This Fix did not disappoint, even if I didn’t end up keeping all the pieces.


Why yes, those are tiny bikes on this shirt! What a wonderful way to pay homage to this fantastic spring weather we’ve been having (for the past 3 months!) I didn’t think I would like this top out of the box, but of course I had to try it on. Turns out, I love it! I paired it with the dark purple chinos I got in my January Box, but I could have easily paired it with shorts or jeans.

I want to thank my stylist Danise for creating another amazing fix for me and introducing me to new styles that dare to broaden my limited fashion horizons. I will continue to receive boxes on a monthly basis, because who doesn’t love new clothes without actually having to shop for them?

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