Stitch Fix Review by Paula: Fit with my casual lifestyle

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As always, my stylist did a great job of selecting items that I really like and also fit with my casual lifestyle. My clothing needs have changed now that I’m no longer teaching. This metallic embroidery pullover was so pretty.

The sweater’s material was thin and soft and keeping it would have been a no-brainer if I was still teaching.  The embroidery detail on this sweater was pretty from both the front and the side. I paired this sweater with Margaret M. Emer pants from my August 2015 fix and my gold Tieks.  My wardrobe is now almost all Stitch Fix clothes since I’ve enjoyed the service since August of 2013!

After much debate, I decided not to keep this sweater.  If I was still teaching, I would have kept it for sure!

Stitch Fix Reviews by Paula -

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