Stitch Fix Review by Nicole: Such a versatile piece

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I am always pleased with the options my stylist provides. She really puts the time and effort by reviewing my feedback and Pinterest boards. I also love the styling cards because they often help inspire me on styling for these reviews.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love tucking my shirts into my skirts and pants. I wear lots of high waist skirts and jeans and I like the look of a top tucked in them. The one issue with this is shirts will bulge and you can see their outline through your skirt or pants at instances. The beauty of a body suit is you will never have that awkward fabric bulge. This bodysuit is so comfortable and classic in its style. It is made from an awesomely stretchy knit cotton fabric. I was able to just walk into it and pull it on effortlessly. My mom (my photographer for the day) even remarked about how nice it looked on and how she too has been a long time fan of bodysuits for the same reasons. Due to this essential basic being such a versatile piece, I couldn’t resist putting it in my keep pile!

Stitch Fix Reviews by Nicole -

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