Stitch Fix Review by Nicole: Oh Stitch Fix, how I love thee!

Here are the two tips which contributed to my improved Stitch Fix experience:

#1 Be honest. Don’t sugar coat what you don’t like. Be very straight forward about what you want or don’t want. After receiving the email, I went into my style profile to make changes. I left a note for any future stylist regarding trends, styles, and colors I am currently loving.

#2 Link a specific Pinterest board for Stitch Fix. Previously, I had linked my Style board. My style board is massive. I have pinned a wide array of styles, colors, and patterns found on the internet. I’m pretty sure it would overwhelm the most talented stylist. I decided to create a Stitch Fix board. The board is specifically pins from Stitch Fix reviews and others’ Stitch Fix Pinterest boards. I sprinkled in some non-Stitch Fix fashion pins to stay true to my personal style. Having variety also gives my Stitch Fix stylist the chance to do her job by using her fashion expertise to find pieces just for me.


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