Stitch Fix Review By Nicole: “Finisher” Pieces!

I nervously anticipated my Stitch Fix and didn’t set my hopes too high. I’m very particular about my style and need comfort and function over glamour and trendiness. I mentioned to my stylist I’d like some “finisher” pieces like a cardigan or blazer to bring my outfits together, and that I’d love to receive items that were versatile across all seasons. I basically asked the world of my stylist, and boy did she deliver!


I have wide shoulders, so many blazers make me look boxy through the torso, but this one is stretchy and form-fitting. This is exactly the finisher I asked for! And how cute is it with the Market & Spruce Berg Top? That’s a color combination I’d never put together! I definitely am going to get another Stitch Fix. I hear from my coworkers their Stitch Fixes only get better with the feedback they provide. Might become a dangerous habit!

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