Stitch Fix Review by Natalie: Give me all the magical jeans!

At the recommendation of a handful of friends, i decided to try out stitch fix. I absolutely love it, y’all!

The perfect pair of jeans: hands to the heavens, these jeans are perfection. When i first pulled them out of the box, I was very hesitant. A stretchy band around the waist?! I am not elderly & I am not pregnant. Thankfully, my stylist informed me that these jeans were one of their best sellers among ladies of all ages.

I now know why! y’all, i’ve owned these pants for less than a month & I have already decided I need about 15 more pairs. I wear them nearly every day. The waist band never shows, they’re high waisted so your privates don’t hang out, they keep the muffin top contained & you don’t have that weird bunching at the waist because the denim lays flat against your tummy. The jean legs also fit into cowboy boots & look super cute with flats.

Stitch Fix Review by Natalie- Magical Jeans

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