Stitch Fix Review by Michelle: I am wearing it today already!

I have challenged myself not to purchase anything else during the year and to just use Stitch Fix to add to my closet and so far I have been good on that challenge. Stitch Fix makes it so easy to avoid wasting hours shopping online (scrolling and scrolling through pages of clothes you hope fit) or hours wandering around stores, only to find the item you like isn’t in your size. I have a good basic wardrobe so Stitch Fix helps me add a few new pieces without myself having to waste time shopping…a total win for me!

I love this cargo vest!  I have requested a cargo style vest for many months and my super fabulous stylist was finally able to send me one that she thought would work best for my body type.  This is a lightweight fabric so it is not bulky at all. I KNOW I will get lots of use from this layer (in fact, I am wearing it today already)!

Stitch Fix Reviews by Michelle -

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