Stitch Fix Review By Mary Evelyn: Postpartum Edition

Not gonna lie, I was really nervous about getting this first Stitch Fix postpartum in the mail. I don’t care what size you were before you had your baby or what size you are after– your body just did something wicked cool and it’s going to be a while before you feel like yourself again. It’s also going to be a while before you recognize the figure you see in the mirror. So, when I wrote a note to my Stitch Fix stylist this go around, it basically just said, “Go easy on me. I made a new human with my body.” I asked for casual pieces that would transition well into summer and for items that could accommodate my post-baby shape. I think my stylist did a bang-up job and, since everything actually fit, she’s probably got a Nobel Peace Prize in her future.


Over a year ago, I asked my stylist for a chambray shirt but nothing was ever available in my size so I was super excited about this one! The fabric was ultra soft and thin enough to be cool for spring and summer. I feel like I would wear this a lot!

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