Stitch Fix Review by Mary Evelyn – My stylist delivered!

I scheduled a Stitch Fix about a month ago when all this weird Ohio weather was putting me in the mood for Fall. I requested pieces that would transition well into the cooler months. I especially wanted to try a midi skirt, cargo vest, and some tanks for layering. My stylist delivered!

I LOVE when my stylist sends two pieces that can work together as an outfit. It makes me a lot more likely to keep both pieces if they style well together. Honestly, when I first took this skirt out of the box I was like “womp womp.” I don’t usually do girly/lacy/boho and initially the cut made me feel a bit frumpy. THEN I tried it with this tank (I knotted it in the front because tucking it in was blech looking) and that’s when the heavens parted and the fashion angels were singing and a dove with the voice of Tim Gunn flew down and was like “WORK.stitch-fix-review-by-mary-evelyn

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