Stitch Fix Review by Mary Evelyn: I’m looking ahead to Round 3. Ad-dic-ted

I got my second Stitch Fix this past Friday before we left town and I was seriously itching to open that box all weekend– it was like I had a fashion rash or something. I’ve worn the clothes I kept from my first Fix ton and I hoped to get as much wear out of this new one. 

When I took this little gem from 41Hawthorn out of the box, I literally squealed and maybe cried a little. The color! The triangle cutout neckline! The oh-so-forgiving shiftdress fit! Thank you dress gods, for sending something that will both hide my baby-modified waistline AND make me the color of a summer blueberry. Also, it looks great with flats. It wins all the prizes. Keeping it– and maybe already wore it to work like, yesterday…


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