Stitch Fix Review by Mamta: I love my stylist

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With Diwali season behind us, we are gearing up for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! We were invited to dinner this past weekend and I struggled to dress myself for this crazy weather where it is hot one minute and then raining the next, sunny right after and freezing cold the next! Why, oh why, must you be so confusing, Mother Nature! I mean, I was in a cold shoulder sweater this past Sunday. I have officially dubbed that as my “Mother Nature is drunk outfit!”

While I was looking in my wardrobe for an outfit to suit the ever-changing moods of the fickle weather, I found this dress that I had kept from one of my past Stitch Fix boxes. I have worn it once before and decided this was going to be it! I love my stylist has been awesome with all my requests and boxes.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Mamta -

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