Stitch Fix Review by Lillian Grace: Black cardigans are the single most versatile clothing option on earth

Those of you who already subscribe to Stitch Fix or any similar box can understand the feeling when you see the mail carrier walking up with that lovely box in hand. Pure joy! We call it Fix-mas, because it makes you feel that “kid on christmas morning” anticipation and excitement. What has my Fairy Godmother/ Stylist picked for me this time? The packing folks at Stitch Fix really do a great job in making each Fix feel like a  a gift wrapped present.

Finally, a piece that I have been lusting after for almost a year was finally available in my size, the Pixley Martina slub knit cardigan in black. SUPER duper soft and has really long sleeves, pockets, and folds up so small you can shove it into your purse without a thought. Yay! I am of the opinion that black cardigans are the single most versatile clothing option on earth.

Stitch Fix Reviews by Lillian Grace -

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