Stitch Fix Review by Kilee: This sweater just knocked my socks off!

I recently got my 8th fix and this sweater just knocked my socks off! I can’t say enough good things about the people who work for Stitch Fix or the enjoyment that comes from getting my monthly fix. Getting my box from Stitch Fix every month is literally like getting an amazing surprise present in the mail. I have my next shipment scheduled to arrive Christmas Eve and I told my hubby he can just wrap it up for me for Christmas. When I first signed up I felt bad sending items back- like I was giving my stylist a bad grade or something. But since then I have gotten better at communicating what I love or don’t love about every piece and I make sure that I only buy something if it would have wow’d me off of the rack in the mall (Like this chevron sweater!).

My subscription has been one of my favorite things I have done for myself this year and gotten me through many a rough day. You know- those long and rotten days are always better when a surprise comes in the mail.

Stitch Fix Review by Kilee

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